The Rock Muscles Up on SNL

Saturday Night Live
“Dwayne Johnson, Ezra”
Season 40, Episode 16

"I catfished your ass!"

This review is super duper pooper late. As to not delay it any longer, I'll just give quick notes about each sketch. Some of these aren't even full sentences (hence the "quick notes" thing). 

Cold Open: Jay Pharaoh returned yet again as Barack. Taran Killam and Kyle Mooney joined in with Bobby Moynihan as Ted Cruz (all stammering and meek). Sasheer Zamata appeared as Michelle Obama. The entire skit was meant for the men to be talking about being nice to one another. Obama gets mad, turns to The Rockobama (The Rock). Michelle turns into She Rock Obama (Leslie Jones). Both gags work and everyone is funny. WATCH.

The Rock comes on stage talking about things he is a master in: sequels. Of course, he sings a son about him being Franchise Viagra. Cecily, Kate, Aidy, Sasheer join him on stage. He has limits though (no Smurfs sequel). WATCH.

Front Nine:
Pep Boys: Genderflect. The entire skit is about gender equality. Bobby, Beck, Aidy, Jay, and Kyle appear as blue collar workers talking about gays, lesbians and transgender people. Largely forgettable but worth the time. SKIP.

Wrestlmania Promo: Kyle as the director and Taran as the announcer. Bobby and Rock as wrestlers. The Rock isn't able to insult properly. Tells Bobby he has herpes. He gets into his personal life. WATCH.

Bambi: the Rock as Bambi. He smokes cigars and has guns. Dark and gritty reboot. Vin Diesel (Taran) as thumper. Tyrese Gibson (Jay) as Flower. Michelle Rodriguez (Cecily) as Feline or Girl Bambi. New single from Ludacris. WATCH.

Anniversary: Vanessa and Kenan are celebrating their anniversary. The Rock and Cecily walk up dressed as 80s stereotypes. Cecily's accent is wonderful. Referring to his hard penis due to her accent, the women being best friends and her singing. WATCH.

Escape from Jungle Island: The Rock, Kate, and Pete. They're on an island trying to find an artifact. Kate keeps hitting on the Rock. Poison darts hit Pete and Rock and they trade sucking it out. Pete sucks on Rock's ass. Both are hit in the dick. End up 69ing. WATCH.

Brogaine: Beck, Kyle and Pete. After Beck does a keg stand, his hat falls off and it's revealed he is bald. Hair growing supplement. SKIP.

Kate as Olya Povlatsky. Jokes about how bad things are in Russia.
Kenan as Michaels optimistic neighbor, Willie. SKIP.

Back Nine:
Cooking with Paul: Kenan as the cook and three times convicted sex offender. Rock as probation officer. Kenan tries to go on chat rooms in between cooking. SKIP.

Prince Charmin Improv: Pronounced Sharmin. Aidy, Kyle, Beck and Pete. They're improving a show about an audience member. Kate on stage as Robert Durst. Her voice is gravely and eye movement is erratic. SKIP.

Interrogation: Rock and Vanessa as the police. Taran as bad guy. Rock tries to be bad cop but he's not good at it. WATCH.

The Circus with Kyle: He goes to talk with people about the circus. Kids are afraid of him or don't answer him. WATCH.

Should you watch “Dwayne Johnson, Ezra?”

Guys, The Rock is good at what he does. He is franchise Viagra and skills like his are greatly appreciated on this show. So yes, you should watch it.