Louis C.K. ends the 40th season of SNL

This review is super duper pooper late. As to not delay it any longer, I'll just give quick notes about each sketch. Some of these aren't even full sentences (hence the "quick notes" thing).

Cold Open: Bobby, Cecily, Kenan and Leslie out on a picnic. They being dining a summer song. Kate's Hilary Clinton comes out to talk about running for president. Kyle, Jay and Beck sing about surfing. Hilary imposes again. Taran and Vanessa are bicycling. Hilary runs beside them. Aidy and Pete are building a sand castle as Hilary shows them a sand model of the White House. Daryl Hammond's Bill Clinton is back and tries to help Sasheer put on sunscreen.

Monologue: Another standup monologue. He talks about growing up in the 70s with mild racism. He also likens his daughters to Israel t Palestine. The crowd is against him on his child molester jokes.

The Shoemaker and the Elves: Louis as the shoemaker. Elves Kenan and Vanessa show up to accept their punishment that they seem to want. They really want a spanking or something of the like. It turns out he wants the same thing.

Sprint: Louis as a new worker at a sprint store. Jay and Vanessa as his coworkers. Leslie takes the position of mean boss Brenda. Louis does an impression of her. When confronted, he keeps doing it, trying to convince her that's how he sounds. Keeps up the impression for five years.

What Will Happen to the Lumberjacks: short and sweet prerecorded PSA about people not using wood-based material, resulting in job loss of lumberjacks.

WU: Taran stopping by as Tom Brady to talk about deflating footballs. He's charming Jost and not answering Che's questions. Pete Davidson talking about turning 21. Also continues to talk about growing up. Comments on how he doesn't know how to do anything at SNL. Most and Che bring back jokes that were cut during dress rehearsal. Bobby pops up during Che's joke as Riblet. "I just took your jorb. Those are worn bullets!"

Gemma in a Cabana: Kenan and Vanessa are on vacation and they run into Louis and Gemma (from The Rock's episode).

Police Lineup: Kenan as an officer helping Pete pick out a bad guy who attacked him outside of a theater. Taran, Kyle, Beck and Louis are acting hopefuls who hope they get the "part."

Lumberjack 2: this time about downloading books on iPads.

Forgotten TV Gems: Kenan back as Reese De'What. Lucy-like show called Whoops I Married a Lesbian. Louis is the husband married to Kate who decided that she's a lesbian now.