Reese Witherspoon brings all appropriate utensils to SNL

This review is super duper pooper late. As to not delay it any longer, I'll just give quick notes about each sketch. Some of these aren't even full sentences (hence the "quick notes" thing).

Cold Open: Southern Republican Leadership Conference. Cecily as DJ. Beck as Mike Huckabee. Kenan as Ben Carson. Bobby as Cruz. Kate as Carly Fiorina. Kyle as Rand Paul. Taran as Marco Rubio.

Monologue: Reese on Mothers Day. All the cast comes out with their moms. Capped off by home movies.

Be Seen in LA: Reese and Cecily as the plastic hosts. Kenan and Jay as gay DJs. The show is ran horribly. They also don't know how to turn off the mics so we hear Cecily's conversation about poise pads and Reese's fart.

Picture Perfect: hosted by Taran. It's a couple game show with a celebrity team mate. Bobby is asked to draw the Prophet Muhammed.

Hallmark Mother's Day: Bobby plays the boss Mr. Westersburg who's is hated by his workers. They all mock his voice. Beck says some pretty dark, sexual stuff.

Woodbridge High School Student Theater Showcase: more strange school skits by those high school kids (Taran, Kyle, Aidy, Kate, and Reese)

Southern Ladies: Cecily, Aidy, Reese, Leslie, and Kate. Ladies who drink wine out of a box stressing over their lives. Reese's problem is her husband comes out of a coma and brings back a demon. Leslie is losing a foot.

Whitewater Kingdom: kyle and beck work at a water park as young teenage fools. Reese as the hot worker.

Whiskers R We: Kate as her character and Reese as Purrsula. They're having a spring cat giveaway.