Scarlett Johansson beautifies SNL

This review is super duper pooper late. As to not delay it any longer, I'll just give quick notes about each sketch. Some of these aren't even full sentences (hence the "quick notes" thing).

Mayweather/Pacquiao fight. Jay/Aidy. NBC airing their "pirated" version of the fight.

Monologue: Scarlett ttalks about being a new mother. Taran and Kenan join her. Sings a sexualized song.

Right Side of the Bed: Taran and Cecily return as couple. Scarlett as guest bartender from Jersey.

Baltimore News Report: taran and kenan. Guests don't go watch White Sox/Oriales game.

Black Widow Age Of Me: Black Widow movie in the form of a romcom.

Girlfriends Talk Show: Scarlett giving tips for prom. Uses ythe word rachet.

Dino Adventures: Scarlett and Cecily play sisters who think everything is random but the random things they say are normal.

Blazer: Taran plays a detective in an 80s TV show. Only punches black guys.

Virgin Dream Liner: new jet being flown. First fully automated flight attendants, ScarJo and Vanessa.

Pampers Jingle: Scarlett and Aidy as old age, hippie women who write strange jingles for advertising.