Taraji P. Henson does her best on SNL

This review is super duper pooper late. As to not delay it any longer, I'll just give quick notes about each sketch. Some of these aren't even full sentences (hence the "quick notes" thing).

Cold Open: Hilary Clinton presidential announcement. Hammond as Bill.

Monologue: happy to be at SNL. Sings a song in a Gospel tone.

Depend Legends: favorite figures from history and television are put on diapers. Vanessa and Beck.

Hot for Teacher: Trial of a teacher having sex with a student. Beck, Aidy as reporters. Pete and Cecily as defendant and prosecution. Kenan as judge. Taraji as lawyer.

Home 2: Fake BTS of Home 2. Leslie as Missy Elliot. Jay as Kendrick Lamar. Taraji as Nicki Minaj. Cecily as Sofia Vegara. Kenan as Rick Ross. Kate and Pete as the two from Chappie.

3 Way Poncho: taraji as host. Kate as guest. Aidy as model. Can't figure out which way to turn the three way poncho. Callers calling in saying they had problems with shipping.

Hollywood Game Night: Taran as Vin, Aidy as Winnona Judd, Jay as Common; Beck as Nick Offerman, Cecily as Marion Cotiard, Taraji as Wanda Sykes.

How 2 Dance with Janelle: Sasheer and Kyle are back. Taraji as mom. Jay as brother.

Cookie on Sesame Street: taraji as her Empire character on sesame street.

Cinema Classics (they're own league): kenan hosts as Reese D'what.