"The Job Interview" - 'Key & Peele' Review

Key & Peele
“The Job Interview”
Season 5, Episode 6

He was magically delicious, dawg!

Before I watched this episode, an email from Comedy Central reminded me there were six episodes left before the end of Key & Peele. It’s hard to believe this show, through all the iconic skits and gags, is ending what feels like in a premature manner. If this episode is any indication, then the show is ending at the right moment. “The Job Interview” feels hollow with no real defining moments at any stage in the episode. It’s not that the cast and crew didn’t try; there are fleeting glimpses of laughter here and there. However, as a whole, this episode wasn’t as fun to get through as many others are. From the okay cold open to the reused 1950’s theme “The Job Interview” is lackluster to say the least.

The cold open is forgettable with a judge named Jessie (possibly Cochran but I couldn’t figure it out) who is multitalented. But the bookending 50’s sets are the most interesting things to come out of the episode. Peele shows up for an interview with Key who is yucking it up with another interviewee played by Adam Pally. The two already have in jokes between each other as they share a back and forth out in the waiting area. Laughs really only come from Key and Pally who keep the energy high and fun. Peele tries to match that intensity, an act that only makes Key disinterested and annoyed.

I felt the same emotion when it came to the following sketch that had the men dressed as women enjoying drinks in a club. Key receives a message from her man saying he’ll be late. She then goes on this tirade about how she won’t give him another chance if he cheats only to renege on her offer moments later. Peele’s character only responds in “okays” which proves to be an annoying punchline. But the return of the valets talking not of Liam Neesons anymore but Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer is pretty much “The Job Interview’s” only saving grace. And their roundabout way getting to Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang by calculating Kilmer and RDJ’s careers is so good.

Continuing on a decent streak, the episode now has Peele as a grizzled war vet who is forced to work with a new partner. He hasn’t seen technology so he freaks out when Commander Key brings up a hologram. His misunderstanding and need to touch the lightshow is pretty funny especially as Peele’s facial expressions sell the joke. The last sketch deals with another 1950’s backdrop this time with Key joining his white fiancé’s family for dinner. In short, the parents don’t like black people and they have tails. That’s pretty much it.

Should you watch “The Job Interview?”

It’s hard to gauge comedy. Don’t take my word for this episode entirely. You may like the women in the club or the 1950’s settings. I love Mad Men but they just didn’t grab me tonight.