"Falsely Accused/Sleep With Your Teacher/Little Person" - 'Review' review

“Falsely Accused/Sleep With Your Teacher/Little Person”
Season 2, Episode 3

I couldn't find my shoes

This week on Review, the USA show Playing House made another crossover into the Andy Daly universe. Jessica St. Claire plays Forrest MacNeil’s now ex-wife and her costar Lennon Parham on Playing House joins the show as MacNeil’s latest girlfriend. But with that sense of happiness and excitement comes more disappointment in our lead character. Forrest goes on three reviews this week, each with varying consequences to the host’s personal life and psyche.

First, MacNeil enlists his intern Josh and his girlfriend Tina on falsely accusing him. It’s here that solidifies both of them as two of the worst people in the world. MacNeil believes himself to be accused of stealing avocados only to be framed for arson. Josh and Tina send MacNeil on this horrible campaign of depression and anxiety with an outcome that probably ruins his image in his neighbor’s eyes. MacNeil’s lawyer Daisy returns and she’s still pretty much inept. In the end, MacNeil is let go but my view of Tina and Josh – while admittedly already pretty low – was negatively impacted.

The second and third reviews has MacNeil having sex with a questioner’s teacher, falling in love then acting as a little person.  The ideas tie so well together due to the great attention to detail and writing. MacNeil is tenatcious with the teacher as he stalks her on the internet then flies to Iowa in order to seduce her. It’s weird how it all works too as the two end up dating and she moves in with Forrest. Prior to that however the two run into her student (and Forrest’s question giver). The kid almost ruins the entire situation as he breaks the barrier between television and viewer. For such a short back and forth, it was nice to see this line blurred.  

Forrest is still an idiot though as he almost ruins another relationship by the end of the episode. In order to experience life as a little person, he walks around on his knees and refuses help with anything. This proves to have negative impact as his refusal to stand ends in his father’s home being burned down. MacNeil is, again, putting the show ahead of everything that is really important. Before, he lost his wife then he lost his mind and, several losses later, he lost his home.

Should you watch “Falsely Accused/Sleep With Your Teacher/Little Person?”

It’s getting too hard to see Forrest consistently ruin his life. I’m actually surprised Parham’s character didn’t leave. MacNeil’s father seems like he’s on edge. This week’s episode is much more review heavy but it does not stray from the arc of MacNeil being a deranged television host. Review remains as engaging as ever.