"MC Mom" - Key & Peele review

Key & Peele
“MC Mom”
Season 5, Episode 7

But my dick got chopped off doe!

I don’t know if it was my mood, the time of day, or what but this was the single best episode of Key & Peele all season. There have been memorable moments from past episodes but “MC Mom” stands out with a few noteworthy sketches. Even the cold open with its major juxtapositions made for a great sight. And the vignettes stood out as more meta than ever. As the season draws to a close, the guys hint at going somewhere (Peele says under his breath the guys have a destination). Peele himself literally winks at the camera as the two, more figuratively, talk about the cameras. And, really, the entire show can be summed up as a commentary on how humans interact and react with one another. The vignettes, the driving introductory parts, are comments on the commentary. The closer the show draws to an end, the better we understand the journey for the two comedians.

The first sketch has Key returning to his dorm where his friends found a package Key’s mom (Peele in drag) sent to him. What follows is a classic mom rap of which Key’s friends make fun. It’s even better because Peele uses a mom voice (i.e. high pitched and low volume). Several hits at a teenage boy’s habits like masturbation are smartly done via crusty socks Peele finds. It’s all jest until the “beat changes” and Peele begins to rap more akin to a real rapper while still using the mom voice. Her closing “word up” has the guys elated that they watched it. The sketch ends with a nod to a previous sketch that had me equally excited. Pussy on the chainwax has got to be a thing now.

Another big sketch had Peele as an undercover boss who began revealing himself just as another coworker was making fun of him. Said reveal has the coworker, Key, reeling back on everything he said. Peele gives out gifts to coworkers who showed him compassion while Key makes excuses for his wrongdoings. He eventually settles on a truth no one can believe about his dick being cut off. Even after getting fired, Key is insistent on Peele giving him a gift. The reality show-like shots are great hear as the cameras jump back and forth between the two characters. Peele works overtime as a quiet boss versus Key’s loud employee.

The last big sketch with Peele as Big Boi and Key as Andre 3000 following the breakup of OutKast is a prime example of the two’s relationship. As with the two previous sketches, Peele plays the quiet, bitingly funny characters (the rapping mom and undercover boss) against Key’s brasher, extravagant (dick chopped off employee) ones. Both men are intelligent in their decisions for comedy. Sometimes they even switch. However, the real laughs come from what they do best. As Key’s Andre 3000 – dressed in what looks like a Peter Pan outfit – comes prancing into the scene, it becomes apparent as to why Peele’s Big Boi had to get away from his old rapping partner. This is the perfect symbol for Key and Peele just as they head off into the sunset. Both the rappers have had star worthy careers following the demise of the group and they will continue to do so.

Should you watch “MC Mom?”

Themes set aside, “MC Mom” has a fun set of sketches. Both Key and Peele will do wonders with their respective careers. They joke about being the new Daryll Hall and Oates (and a few other bands/duos) but they both have what it takes to be top comedic actors. Watch and enjoy.