"Hollywood Sequel Doctor" - 'Key & Peele' Review

Key & Peele
“Hollywood Sequel Doctor”
Season 5, Episode 8

I never intended to grab the dick.

Ever since the Emmy nominations were announced and Keegan-Michael Key found himself on the list for supporting actors without Jordan Peele, there has been speculation as to why the show would end so soon. I’ve read every theory from the one of them is jealous of the other to they need time apart. But when last week’s episode of meta comedy came about, Peele and Key reassured the audience they were still friends and coworkers; they just need to break out of the mold. Recently on Marc Maron’s WTF, Key said the two finished filming their movie about a lost cat, Keanu, and they’ll begin writing substitute teacher Mr. Garvey’s movie at some point. But prior to that, the two were on MADTv, and before then, they only knew each other in passing. What I’m trying to get at here is that the two are destined for greatness both with and without each other. Their careers are in no way connected nor should anyone worry that one is better than the other.

With that being said, Key deserved his Emmy nomination just as much as anyone else. He’s put on great performances during this series. That’s not to say Peele has done a lower quality job. In fact, this season has solidified him as a character actor; he loses himself in everyone he plays. I wouldn’t be surprised if the 2016 Emmy’s nominated Peele instead of Key. Take the first sketch for example. A more muted Key leads a group of writers in 1989 at Warner Bros. Studios as they prepare for the sequel to the Christmas hit, Gremlins. A flamboyant and colorful Peele, under the name Star Magic Jackson Jr., saunters in introducing himself as a “sequel doctor.” His retooling leads the writers to come up with all the new types of gremlins the movie eventually introduces. Peele’s performance contrasts with last week’s Big Boi as does Key’s head writer with Andre 3000.

Even in the next sketch, that costars Rob Riggle as a boss who wants Key to not allow anyone who’s not a sale associate, has Peele giving a comical performance. He plays a non-English speaking janitor who doesn’t quite get the concept of Key’s task. He tries to eat, smell and touch the bagels but Key is quick to dismiss him. Of course, Riggle’s character gets angry and eventually fires Key who returns to his old post to steal a bagel at which point Peele stops him. It had a great reverse ending that felt natural. But Key shines too in the following sketches. One features him trying to get out of helping his girlfriend move by him breaking up with her; the other has him angry at Peele as the latter keeps snitching to the police about their illegal activities. They’re both great forms of escalating comedy that work well in their semi-serious situations. And the final sketch with Tatayana Ali is a decent try at Lion King/Africa jokes.

Should you watch “Hollywood Sequel Doctor?”

Keegan Michael-Key might be the big name out of the two of them right now but Jordan Peele has proven over and over he can hold weight too. Watching Hell Baby and Wanderlust again recently has secured the two of them in my mind as a couple of the greatest comedy actors around. Give this episode a shot if just to see Jordan act a fool.