"Curing Homosexuality/Mile High Club" - 'Review' review

“Curing Homosexuality/Mile High Club”
Season 2, Episode 2

Gay people have existed since people have existed.

It’s so hard watching someone ruin their life right in front of your eyes. Even seeing a television character sink to lows they’ve previously experienced is painful. HBO’s Hello Ladies played with this notion in that the main character Stuart (Stephen Merchant) snaked his way in life in order to impress women. He lied to his friends, ditched his own morals and all in all acted like a pompous jerk. Forrest MacNeil is very much like Stuart although to a more self-deprecating degree. And even though he is given the opportunity to sit out –taking the form of vetoes this season – Forrest is reluctant to use one. When faced with a challenge, he tries to go around it but only using his ways no matter how naiive they may be.

Again, the biggest obstacle for Forrest is his show – the very thing that ruined his life. Constantly in this episode Forrest is reminded about his wife even though he insists he is over her. But his producer is quick to bring up Forrest’s past exploits. Having left the show at the end of last season, the host went to find himself after his wife took their son away from him. The only way Forrest can truly leave the show is if he has his wife back. However there’s no telling if either of those would ever happen. The producer insists that Forrest’s current life is preferable saying his life is brand new so why can’t a gay person do the same?

It’s this type of manipulation that grounds Forrest to this show. While helping Tim get over being gay, Forrest suggests he’s over his ex-wife. Tim mentions in an offhand comment that Forrest talks about her a lot. With that, a trip to the strip club proves promising for both men as it ends with the two finding separate dates. But, like clockwork, Forrest is quick to ruin every relationship in his life. First, he makes Shampoo feel like she made a bad choice then he ruins his chances with another woman almost immediately. At points Forrest can be somewhat charming, a proven fact as he picks up the second woman, on a plane no less. But he demolishes everything when the show comes back into play, getting so desperate that he buys a prostitute thus becoming a monster in both Shampoo’s eyes and his son’s.

Should you watch “Curing Homosexuality/Mile High Club?”

It’s getting darker and stranger for Forrest. If you haven’t seen any second of this show, you’re wasting your time. Review reached new lows (for Forrest) this week. It’s going to be hard watching this man sink any lower. Go for it.