"Buried Alive/6 Star Review/Public Speaking" - 'Review' review

“Buried Alive/6 Star Review/Public Speaking”
Season 2, Episode 7

If the scale can change, then anything can change. None of this would mean anything at all.

I have to admit, I thought last week’s episode was the season finale. I only had access to that episode. This week’s episode was sent late and now I feel like a jackass for writing my review so haphazardly. To my defense, it did feel like a finale. This week’s episode continues the story from last week with Suzanne and Eric moving in with Joe the baseball player. Forrest also had to faced his fears of losing his family and being alone with himself all the while dealing with almost dying again.

Our host gets another challenge to be alone this time by being buried alive. He bribes a groundskeeper to let him into the cemetery at night and brings Josh and Tina to help bury him in a coffin for 24 hours. Forrest welcomes more solitude even after being left at sea for three months as this would be another opportunity from his terribly lonely life. You would think he’d want to be with more humans. During his stint, he receives a call from Suzanne informing him she’s getting married to Joe. Forrest finally hits his breaking point as he scratches the ceiling of the coffin in order to break out. Part of this is fear of dying alone and the other part is because Josh forgot where he was buried. This fear plays into the last review of the night. Before that, of course, comes pain.

The next review deals with pain. Forrest is a man who is dealt a lot of pain but it’s usually indirectly corresponded to something stupid he’s doing. He likes control and it’s often taken away from him. In this instance, he loses his sense of self after being asked to give a six star review. He flips out, screaming about how if one thing changes then everything can change and life would be all for naught. But he dismisses his desire to use a veto even though AJ appears to be ecstatic he suggested it in the first place. After talking his way out of it, Forrest creates another show called Assess where he reviews on a scale from two to six stars. Even this show proves fruitless and he moves on to yet another show this time called Evaluate where he is kicked in the balls. Forrest endures enough pain for three consecutive shows both in his public life and private life.

The last review revolves around public speaking. What better way to get over talking to a crowd than to do so at your ex-wife’s rehearsal dinner? This is Forrest’s reasoning as he crashes Suzanne and Joe’s pre-wedding nuptials. In order to prepare himself for the unwanted speech, Forrest watches his late father in law played by Fred Willard give a toast on he and Suzanne’s wedding video. This causes him emotional pain which adds to the terrible events later. Suzanne lets him stay at the dinner but only if Forrest promises not to be himself. This doesn’t work as Forrest drinks and ruins the party.  He and Joe end up fighting and Forrest reveals the whole catfishing scam from earlier in the season.

Should you watch “Buried Alive/6 Star Review/Public Speaking?”

Don’t feel bad for Forrest. At this point, he’s really bringing it all on himself. Review is hurting him in more ways than one. Forrest needs to get a better job or something. Watch this episode and learn form his mistakes.