“Happiness, Pillow Fight, Imaginary Friend” - 'Review' review

“Happiness, Pillow Fight, Imaginary Friend”
Season 2, Episode 9

What are your values?

How does one recover from murdering another living being? The short answer is you don’t – can’t really. It’s one of the most ultimate offenses to life to take said value away from someone. You could make a defense for hunters but even that could come off misconstrued. But those who kill often get what’s coming to them; some in the form of daily dark mental breakdowns, or something of the like, and others get legal repercussions. Tonight, Forrest MacNeil received both. Coming off of the murder review from last week, MacNeil can’t focus at work. He has recurring nightmares, specifically of shaking the magic 8 ball and having his victim’s head float to the window. He’s found that there’s no going back to his normal life.

But he never really had a normal life. This can be seen in his jovial disposition after he receives happiness as his next topic. He has to force himself to be happy now even when he couldn’t do so after the terrible instances in his life. Again he is tested as Suzanne visits telling her ex-husband that it’d be best if he cut contact with the family for a while. HE has no choice but to be happy. The narration speaks his mind but his face, although showing quick pangs of hurt here and there, displays “happiness.” Shortly after, he is arrested and, yes, he is happy about it. This was meant to be a break from the show. Perhaps he could’ve learned a thing or two in jail but, alas, that’s too much to ask as producer Grant gets permission to shoot the show in jail.

The last two segments take place in the jail as Forrest reviews pillow fighting and having an imaginary friend. The former turns into a riot complete with hidden weapons but that doesn’t deter Forrest from enjoying the former. While inventing an imaginary friend, Forrest mentions he is plagued by dark thoughts. This is what the show has wrought on the host. Eventually, Forrest’s dad comes to bail him out – yet again – but this time there’s a caveat. The elder MacNeil is done with everything. The show, Forrest, and all the crap in between. Everything. He brings up all the crap he’s had to deal with thus far in the year and, in remembrance, it’s kind of a miracle he stayed as long as he did.

Should you watch “Happiness, Pillow Fight, Imaginary Friend?”

Murder is the rock bottom for Forrest or so we thought. Now that Forrest has lost everything from his family, the love of his life, his previous life and any remnants of it, there’s nothing left to lose. The show, for what it’s worth, will forever be with Forrest. Grant has too tight of a hold on the gullible oaf and tonight proved he will not let go. With one episode to go, Forrest can’t possibly sink any further. So watch it.