Deadpool Review: Maximum Overdrive

Chad White
Loves: Comic book movies
Likes: Deadpool, TJ Miller, Ryan Renyolds <3, X Men
Dislikes: Origin stories
Hates: Fart and butt jokes

Nice try, Wade Wilson.

I’m going to start off this review by saying that I had no hope for this movie. After hearing about how hard it was for lead Ryan Renyolds to even get this thing off the ground, production beginning in May 2015 and a script that’d been sitting in gestation for a while, Deadpool was destined to die. But, alas, here we are with a movie for our favorite foul mouthed merc. Deadpool is everything a real, true comic book adaptation should be. There’s the hard R rating, bloody fight scenes, sex montages, comic crossovers and fourth wall breakage that was expected of the man in the red suit. It falters but not by much making Deadpool a suitable comic book movie for all* (*those over the age of seventeen that is).

Deadpool stars Ryan Renyolds as Wade Wilson, a lucky in love jokester who is struck with cancer. He is offered a second chance at living when a mysterious recruiter says he can be cured with science and ultimately given superpowers (or mutant powers as the movie universe would suggest). Wilson loves his fiancée Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) so much that he secretly undergoes the procedure which then turns into torture thanks to Ajax (Ed Skrein) and Angel (Gina Carano). When his girlfriend is taken by his torturers, Wilson takes on the name Deadpool and teams up with Weasel (TJ Miller), Colossus (Stefan Kapicic), and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) in order to get the girl back and be a “hero.” But keep in mind this is not a superhero movie. Wilson is a contract killer from beginning to end and doesn’t want to be associated with the X Men.

The story is very straightforward although the editing is done in such a way to make you think that it’s not. For the first forty minutes of the movie, the initial action scene from the trailers – and leaked footage – is interspersed with Wilson’s background. Had story beats been streamlined, this movie would’ve been a lot less interesting. For all the boring parts we get with Wilson and his girl, there’s a really fun or demented thing Deadpool is doing in the slight future. Really, everything pre-Deadpool wasn’t terrible but it could’ve been shrunken. Perhaps this is due in part to Wilson himself. Renyolds plays him in Deadpool-like fashion with his voice an octave higher and quips that are needlessly unfunny. He’s a cartoon before he becomes a character.

Speaking of the jokes, a lot of the script is just not funny. They come off as trying too hard and, at points, get in the way of real dialogue. Maybe they were all spoiled in the trailers. Maybe the extra marketing for Valentine’s Day, “mysteriously” leaked footage, and emoji billboard that were off the cuff were funnier due to time constraints. Maybe I’m getting older and jokes about butts and dicks are less appealing to me. Say what you will but the jokes often fell flat. And that’s coming from a comic book series fan. The action, however, delivers. As said in the introduction paragraph, Deadpool antes up on danger and death. Blood, guts and gore highlight what could’ve been a subdued movie. Thanks to budgetary constraints from Fox, the directors and crew were allowed to do pretty much whatever they wanted.

Should you watch Deadpool?

Comic book fan or not, Deadpool will entertain you. It’s plain fun and that’s all anyone could ever ask for in a comic book movie. While the “real life styled” Batmans, Iron Mans and Captain Americas are nice, it’s even better to have a dream realized as reality. Ryan Reynolds, Tim Miller and Simon Kinberg did a heck of a job.



  • From here on out, every other comic book movie that doesn’t follow source material (to the very least on character) is not a true comic book movie to me.
  • Marvel could be in a great position here with a fully realized Deadpool. He can jump universes (or travel through time with Cable and X Force) and pop up in other movies and series! *cough* Avengers *cough* How would that work? Stan Lee has appeared in 94% of the Marvel movies to date. He could play Uuatu the Watcher. He brings together the universes in the last two part Avengers movies because the Avengers can’t defeat Thanos alone (for this, we lie in a world where Fox allows the X Men, Fantastic Four and Deadpool appear for a few minutes if not seconds) and BOOM. Ultimate Marvel movie.
  • There are a lot of jabs at Fox here. Between this and The Simpsons, I’m starting to think Fox has a fetish.
  • Back to the jokes. I went to see this movie on a Friday afternoon in a fairly large city. There were maybe forty people max in my showing. I arrived late so I didn’t get to see the demographic. But not a lot of them laughed at the butt and dick jokes. In fact, it was fairly silent for large parts of the movie. There were occasional big jokes that everyone, including myself, seemed to enjoy. All in all, I’m kind of sad that they captured the tone and heart but not the essence of Deadpool.
  • Cable and time traveling are in the next movie. But we still get a militarized version of Batman or the magic of Asgard is considered science. Marvel and DC need to take a look at this movie to see how FUN comic book movies need to be.
  • Colossus was recasted here. This guy does a great job.
  • Vanessa is supposed to become a superhero called Copycat. Perhaps the last action sequence when she was captured helped usher that into a reality.