'Two Chainz' - Broad City Review

Broad City
“Two Chainz”
Season 3, Episode 1

Chad White

Few steps and we start a peddle.

It’s been almost a year since we’ve seen our two favorite girls, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Galzer. When we last left them, they were sitting outside of a New York storefront finally coming into themselves. The camera slowly backed out and shifted towards the night sky. Such a dramatic sequence signified a growth in the girls both as themselves and as characters. It might be a stretch to say but, if the third season opener is any indication, Broad City is flowering from a show about girls into a show about women.  

At the start of “Two Chainz,” we meet up with Glazer and Jacobson in a montage between their bathrooms. It’s one of the most memorable moments in the series to date. The two go back and forth talking to each other on the phone, smoking weed, taking pregnancy tests, and various other means of entertainment (including Glazer hooking up with another woman). As the two share the screen, they are seen as parallels, equals really, in a relationship that is both give and take. It’s intimate, to say the least, and others get only a small glimpse into the insanity that the cameras show (later, a friend says she recognizes Ilana from Abbi’s Instagram). Part of this relationship extends to the outside world when the girls have everything against them. Abbi wants to attend the opening of her friends’ art exhibit at a local gallery. Along the way, however, the world presents our heroines with wardrobe issues, mispronounced names (a brunch hostess calls Abbi “Abbo” and it’s so disrepectively funny), and having to pee in a city that doesn’t want them to pee anywhere.

In fact, the city plays a big role in why the girls can’t seem to get anything done. A local clothes pop up confirms that New York can be a cruel place as a worker screams at them “We don’t have bathrooms. We don’t even have dressing rooms. This is a pop up, BITCH.” Or take the sexist comments the two constantly have to deal with (seen when a truck driver screams “nice ass” to Abbi). But, ultimately, Abbi and Ilana have to learn to take things in stride. Abbi screams back “Yeah, I know!” in an angry tone after the truck driver’s remarks. Ilana even gets her comeuppance at the art gallery when she gets stuck to a large pair of anatomically correct brass balls.

Should you watch “Two Chainz?”

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a textbook episode of Broad City. “Two Chainz” shows the growth and exploration of two girls and their intimate relationship as they take on the world. New York will not put these two down.