"Co-Op" - Broad City Review

Broad City
Season 3, Episode 2

Chad White

Dumpout: flawless.

Broad City has always been a show about true friendship. Last week’s season opener saw the two leads Abbi and Ilana grow into women in a world that still treats them like girls. They are constantly put down but manage to get themselves back up. Tonight’s “Co-Op” adds to the mentality that these girls belong with one another. Abbi is asked to take on her best friend’s persona while working at a co-op as Ilana goes to get a HPV shot. And Lincoln hits Ilana with a truth bomb.

Another montage is used as Ilana asks Abbi to be her and work for six hours as she makes up her co-op hours. Constant slaps and yelling is then used to mold Abbi into what seems like a caricature of Ilana. The back and forth of “yas kween” was the highlight: “Say it with me: Yas Kween!” “Uh, yes queen.” “No YAS Kween YAS!” “YAS Kween YAS!”. She comes off as cartoonish but, given the context of who she is supposed to be playing, it works well. But she meets a guy for whom she begins to develop feelings. So she’s left with the hard choice of whether or not to continue being Ilana or who she really is. This harkens back to the cold open that had the two ladies playing basketball against some sexist preteens. They can hoop well and their symmetry aids in their dynamism. Can these girls get away with being each other?

Ilana tasks herself with being Abbi – especially seeing as how she literally changed clothes with her – for her story and we get an even deeper glance at their relationship. Lincoln drives Ilana to her doctor (calling his Prius a Lincoln Town Car because his name is Lincoln and he's going to drive around town in his car). He admits that he’s afraid for her, worried really, to which Ilana replies that she needs her f-buddy to be her rock then proceeds to unbuckle her seat belt and sit in his lap. It’s endearing to see such a strong character reduced to fear. We get even more of the childish behavior later once Lincoln informs Ilana that he’s been sleeping with another woman. She freaks in what turns out to be a good way showing that the relationship can finally go both ways; after all, Ilana has been sleeping with other men and women too. In the final tag for the episode, it’s Ilana that ties up everything neatly in a bow: “If you love something you have to let it have sex with other people. And if it comes back to you, dope, because you can also have sex with other people.” Truer words have never been spoken.

Should you watch “Co-Op?”

If last week’s episode was any indication, this season of Broad City should provide more interesting introspection as to why these two girls are so close. “Co-Op” had the two playing up their act and it worked so well. Also, Abbbi twerks and knocks over a large stack of beans. I mean. Come on.