"B&B-NYC" - Broad City Review

Broad City
Season 3, Episode 7

“In da clerb, we all fam.”

If this wasn’t the best episode of Broad City this season, then it’s definitely the most quotable. Abbi and Ilana leave their apartments for the night and have the strangest adventure. Who would’ve thought that by the end of the episode, Abbi and Trey would’ve continued their love affair and Ilana would’ve smashed Blake Griffin? “B&B-NYC” confirms the real dangers of living in New York while also making sure to continue the development of character that’s been established for several episodes now.

Following a long FaceTime pooping session, Ilana and Abbi decide to rent out their apartments Airbnb style. This leads to the two camping on Ilana’s roof. Abbi loves the atmosphere, claiming that the experience “feels” like camping; although, Ilana is quick to point out that they can’t see the stars. But the episode may have ended had a strong gust of wind not blown their tent off the roof onto a busy street – which in turn sent a lot of people to the hospital. It’s this ex machina that sends the girls to a nightclub party of which they heard via a guy yelling on the phone. By the way, he could’ve had his own episode; whatever he was dealing with was super interesting: “I’m gonna win you back, baby!”

But, prior to the events of the party, Ilana, in particular, stood out for the way she was played. Glazer took some liberties to be really zany tonight, particularly in the dialogue department. She’s perfect as she spits out lines like “It’s New York, babe. Get used to it, babe. #tandemlife” and making fun of Abbi using two stereotypes (her rich life and phish life are two separate entities). Both characters are getting huge arcs this season but Ilana raises the bar every week. Picking out subleads was difficult.

Back on the story front, Abbi and Ilana had no trouble entering the party. Somehow changing their drab, everyday clothes into effectively sexy wear was astonishing and need not be noticed by the layman. It’s a cute detail that helps with the wackiness. They enter to K Rizz’s “Yes Bitch” and catch several glances their way. Slow motion and the over dancing from both women is so great in the scene. But we’re here for Blake Griffin and, after Abbi decides to go have sex with her Airbn tenant, we get and Ilana X Blake “sex scene.” Turns out the renowned NBC player is too well endowed to penetrate Ilana so the two make their own version of sex complete with stretches, crying like babies, and eating pizza in bed. All of this done while naked of course. I can’t stress this enough: the scene is phenomenal.

Returning to Abbi, we learn that she’s been robbed by her tenant. She calls Bevers out of fear but he’s unable to come to her aid. Ultimately, she’s left with calling Trey, who comes over and searches the apartment like the protective boyfriend. But this night is different. There’s lingering sexual tension. Abbi, afraid, jumps Trey’s bones instead of sleeping. However, in the end, she’s still unable to tell Ilana who finds the used condom in a trash can, believing it to be the DNA of the Airbnb tenant. Abbi, fearful of what Ilana will think of her, suggests that they leave it well enough alone. In that same vein, Ilana calls Lincoln early in the episode who is spending time with another woman. Ilana says she’s fine with it but there’s a small hint in her voice that says she’s not. I don’t care if she gave Lincoln one of Blake Griffin’s shoes or that Lincoln is excited that he and the NBA star are eskimo brothers. Something is going to happen by the end of the season that will change the relationship of these girls, within both of them and in the larger spectrum.

Should you watch “B&B-NYC?”

Broad City continues its hot streak. It wasn’t the best episode around but so many great lines spawn from the dumb things that happen. Ilana and Abbi are working towards something interesting here.