"Tubman Town" - Another Period Review

Another Period
Season 2, Episode 1

All aboard bitches. Next stop: Tubman Town.

After a game changing season finale, the girls of Another Period are back to bring more ridiculous history humor to the masses. The show largely remains the same with its large cast of comedians playing characters that range from gay husbands to a demented maid. A new location is introduced along with the ever changing life of fame.

Picking up two weeks after the finale, “Tubman” has Lillian and Beatrice (Natasha Leggero and Riki Lindhome) living in a new city as they try to pave their way to fame. They made it, in fact, but it quickly died and now they live with Lauren Lapkus’ character (I’m sorry – it’s not on IMDB or Wikipedia) in her one bed room apartment with several children. Coming from wealth and fame and then heading into nothing has Lillian and Beatrice wanting the better of the two. They find that Harriet Tubman is being recognized for her actions with the Underground Railroad – she gets a bench named in her honor – and they want in. Tubman, in turn, hustles the girls into paying them the rest of their gold bricks and going over Niagara Falls in a barrel.

Back at the mansion, Jim O’Heir guests as a lawyer who tries to convince David Koechner’s Commodore Bellacourt to cut back on expenses. The first suggestion is to sell of the final daughter, Hortense (who was recast for a third time according to A.V. Club). She goes off on some boring tangent and the Commodore is convinced by the lawyer to kill his wife, Dodo (Paget Brewster), for donating a vast amount of their fortune to charity. She runs off thanks to a tip from Mr. Peepers (Michael Ian Black). The only thing left to do is for Commodore to force the obviously gay Victor and Albert (Brian Huskey and David Wain) to annul their marriages to his daughters so they can date wealthy men. Peepers has his own sub-sub plot when he hires a new worker in Alice Hunter’s Flobelle who has to endure Garfield’s (Armen Weitzman) peacocking. But, once coma induced and pregnant Chair (Christina Hendricks) beigns to give birth, Garfield has to prove himself – which he ultimately doesn’t.

If the recap sounds like a lot, you’re not alone. There’s almost too much going on in the return episode. Even so, we still have characters missing completely. Perhaps Another Period needs to establish two or three plots for an episode instead of cramming in so much into 22 minutes. On top of that, the reality show aspect is getting cramped with the mix-n-match plot.

But what works in this show is the historical relevance. Lillian brings back her love of women not having much to do but bear children and not voting. Hortense is a bland, ugly feminist that no one wants to listen to (Commodore calls her a shit sandwich almost immediately). And the continuity is great. Blanche’s (Beth Dover) second stay in the insane asylum leaves her with a dual personality.

Should you watch “Tubman Town?”

A big part of the show is its cast. Throughout the last season, they were used sparingly as to accommodate with real life schedules. Season two seems to be on par with what and who to expect. As long as the jokes fly smoothly and the history makes sense, Another Period will continue to be the history based powerhouse we’ve come to know and love. “Tubman Town” hit with unexpected laughs (Tubman’s jive talking, money grubby character is a treat) so give it a watch.