"Annulment" - Another Period Review

Another Period
Season 2, Episode 2

Chad White

I like women. Black women.

Primary: Lillian, Victor, Beatrice, Albert, Frederick, Peepers, and Garfield
Secondary: Commodore, Blanche, and Chair

I thought I’d do something different for the rest of the reviews of Another Period. Since there’s a whole mess of a cast for the 22-minute show, I’m providing a list of primary and secondary stars of the episode. That way I don’t have to write any of the actor’s names after the fact. Following the events of last week’s episode, “Annulment” is set to give the women of House Bellacourt new lives. Lillian, Victor, Beatrice, and Albert say their goodbyes to one another even though the gentlemen will still continue living on the property in the guest house.

Lillian and Victor fight over who gets what when he leaves. Their squabble leads to the Chestnut Room in which the two have a standoff. Both figure they deserve it more and the resulting fight leads to a few days long sit in. Huskey’s Victor gets a chance to sine here as the childish bickering leads him to do things like playing the harp atrociously and screaming like a child. Lillian is much the same as she pouts about wanting the room more.

As those two bicker over rooms, Beatrice helps Albert get over his fear of hatchets. Ever since he was hit in the chest with one, he’s had a weird flinch whenever he sees one. Beatrice decides it best to get Albert over his fear by using a classic 80’s montage. This show works best when it steps outside of the norm it set up for itself. Here, 80’s music plays over the scene as the two do things like lay the hatchets on top of a handcuffed Albert. Eventually he gets over it and wants to show off his newfound skills by throwing a hatchet at childish senator Frederick who is visiting the new baby Bellacourt boy.

Mr. Peepers and Garfield have the C story as the former hires yet another helping hand. If Another Period’s second season is going to have Peepers hire someone every episode, I’m all for it. His judicious ways make for the snarkiest of jokes. He eventually lands on the seemingly perfect red headed orphan played by the always devious Thomas Barbusca (seriously, that kid will never play a nice person). He turns out to be real rude and steals from the Bellacourts.

Everything culminates in the ceremony that is supposed to be for the new baby. As Albert throws a hatchet at Frederick, Beatrice tries to counter his with her own and Frederick uses the baby as a shield. The running joke of Beatrice insisting that hatchets be hit out of the air with other hatchets actually happens and that leads to the red head orphan being found to be a street rat. Oh and Chair wakes up. Finally.

Should you watch “Annulment?”

Another great episode of Another Period is in the history books. This one seems more focused and features way more elements of reality shows (i.e. talking heads). Watch it.