"The Prince and the Pauper" - Another Period Review

Another Period
“The Prince and the Pauper”
Season 2, Episode 3

I didn’t come here to make sisters.

Players: Beatrice, Lillian, Chair, Commodore, Hamish, Flobelle, Blanche, Mr. Peepers

What an episode of Another Period. I’m all for jokes within a joke and tonight’s episode sure did deliver. If it wasn’t enough for the show to take on the Kardashians, it’s another thing for it to tackle The Bachelor. From the get go, “The Prince and the Pauper” is a fun and funny ride but is ultimately undone by its quick pace.

The cold open perfectly encapsulates why Beatrice and Lillian are unable to find suitors: they’re too old. With eight children between them, it’s no wonder too. “We’re our daughters” Beatrice naively says when their dates ask who they’re being set up with. But it can’t just be that they're too old, can it? Did the time period really ask for such shallow beliefs? The answer is a hard yes as the Bellacourts are introduced to Prince Apato (Rizwan Manji). The prince is slightly goofy but pretty nice as he flaunts his wealth about. Moving forward, the episode is staged as a pseudo-The Bachelor surrogate for the age. Apato is quick to throw away Hortense as a choice (because she’s Hortense) taking his choice down to the final two Bellacourt sisters.

From that point on, the girls each have their solo date with Apato, each leaving a distinct mark on the prince. Lillian poops out of the side of the balloon and Beatrice goes crazy while they hunt. It’s all unnatural, to say the least, when Blanche is chosen over them both (except Peepers won’t let her go :( which is sad).

Speaking of Blanche, on the other side of the house, she’s dealing with Chair who has awoken from her coma and can’t remember who she is. Her reintroduction is not so smooth as she is being plowed by the Commodore. In an ingenious reveal, though, Chair is ironically sentenced to a wheelchair as she can’t walk. She asks Blanche to throw her down the stairs and she remembers that someone pushed her. The quest then turns to her wanting to find the would be killer.

And Peepers’ C-story melds into the A-story as he wages war with Pince Apato’s butler. The two duke it out over butler information like how to calm an attacking mistress and the proper way to cook food. Poor Flobelle, in her first role since the premiere episode, is at the middle of both stories. She seems to be playing it safe when it comes to the Bellacourts and Peeper’s rules. And finally, the D-story has Hamish (Brett Gelman) rotting in jail. He befriends his cellmate (Ron Funches) who in turn teaches him how to write. Hamish then uses his newfound skills to get Garfield to bring him some beef.

Should you watch “The Prince and the Pauper?”

This is a great episode of Another Period. It balances the characters well and moves quickly all the while taking on one of the strangest reality shows. Hopefully, we get more Hamish and his cellmate as well as Blanche/Chair drama.