"Einstein" - Another Period review

Chad White

Another Period
Season 2, Episode 7

You have to have a penis to buy something for the penis.

Players: Lillian, Beatrice, Garfield, Peepers, Dr. Goldberg, Frederick, Blanche

From the moment this season began, each episode has been packed with as many characters as the story saw fit. Between eight and ten characters floated in and out of A, B, C and sometimes D stories for 21 some odd minutes. It’s always interesting to see how their adventures intertwine and the repercussions on the rest of the world. Tonight’s episode almost had the requisite number of players for zaniness but, after a close inspection, only four or five of them really mattered. It’s no detriment to the story though. However, this episode did suffer from the bottled nature.

“Harvard” takes place exclusively in the mansion after having many of the characters go off reservation. Einstein is visiting the Commodore with hopes of getting access to his magnets. Commodore has other plans, however, for something called a refrigerator. After she solves an equation left on Einstein’s chalkboard, Beatrice and the scientist fall for each other. He offers her to come with him but she finds solace in staying with her brother. In a funny moment, after Einstein asks her to come with him, Frederick interjects causing Beatrice -- who proves herself to be the smartest character to appear in the series throughout the episode --  to dumb herself down. There’s no telling if this aspect of her will come up again but it did add ever so slightly to the overall Frederick/Beatrice arc.

A B-story holding the facade of an A-story has Lillian on the prowl for a condom. Upon learning that you can have sex for pleasure and not just for procreation, she yearns for the gratification with one of Frederick’s visiting Harvard brethren. She employs Garfield to help her go to the general store, which she refers to as the “con-dom store,” and purchase a condom. Her reasoning is “You have to have a penis to buy something for the penis.” There, the two are faced with the problem of the tool being essentially taboo but a one eyed customer, Eunice (Kate Miccuci) informs the two of a backroom where they can purchase one. They eventually score one but Lillian is unable to use it on the Harvard guys due to each of them being faithful to their fiances.

The C-story has Frederick hanging out with his Harvard bros (including Erik Charles Neilson and Samm Levine) chanting “H-A-R VARD!” and reminiscing about their university days. They’re kind of a part of every story which is admittedly kind of cool. There’s no consequences and it was nice to go back to them every now and then.

The D and E stories were basically one in the same and there to pad the episode. Blanche is crying because she’s pregnant and can’t find the father. She tells Mr. Peepers that the dad is still in the sanitarium that she stayed in. He goes to find the doctor to rid her of the baby plague. Dr. Goldberg (an always welcome Moshe Kasher) is revealed to be Canadian, hosting a shrine in his office space. Mr. Peepers walks in on him singing “O Canada” and bowing to maple syrup responding like any good natured person would: "Have you come to blow up Bellacourt manor?". Each subsequent scene has Goldberg saying “aboot” or “sorry” but it works almost every time. It’s just the way Kasher slips it into conversation. After Peepers finds the dad, Virgil (Adam Pally), he’s found to be a real douche -- nonchalantly admitting he may have raped her -- which leads Peepers to suggest that Goldberg and Blanche be wed.

Should you watch “Harvard?”

This is a strange episode of Another Period. Less characters but more emphasis on separate but interweaving stories made for a somewhat choppy episode. There’s some good stuff in here but the bloatedness got the best of the writers this time out. Still, it was well paced and had some good laughs.