'Trial of the Century' - Another Period review

Chad White

Another Period
“Trial of the Century”
Season 2, Episode 4

God, if you can grant me anything, just please release me!

Players: Hamish, Commodore, Lillian, Beatrice, Flobelle, Peepers, Chair, Frederic  

Four episodes into the season and Another Period is already changing its identity. With the Bellacourts still scrounging for money and the helping staff gaining more importance, the show is set to make their world a better place. Hamish is set to go to trial and it seems that everyone is against him -- even Beatrice who just wants to see a man hang.  

“Trial” starts with a new flourish into the Hamish-killed-a-guy storyline (Scoops LaPue from season one) in that he is Commodore’s brother. It comes in passing and, as always, the audience is expected to deal with it and move along. This type of exposition works well in the show because of how much happens on screen. The characters emote with such cartoonish nature and the jokes come so frequently that it’s hard to keep tabs on details like this. Luckily enough though David Koechner’s Commodore is in such a fervor that he is constantly reminding us that he and Hamish are related. He bribes a judge and gets Frederick appointed to the judge position in hopes of snagging an easy win. However, Commodore didn’t account for how dumb Frederick is and the trial sways to both sides.  

On the other side, Lillian and Beatrice are dealing with the trial in their own way. Lillian has been called as a character witness while Beatrice, as I wrote before, really wants to see a man die. Lillian’s testimony is the furthest thing from her mind as she only, naturally, cares about how she looks up on that stand. Tonight, a new nickname was born for Chair too: Wheelchair Mommy. She takes it up upon herself to see if Hamish lives or dies. 

Peepers is dealing with his own crisis. He has decided to admit that he is in fact the one that killed LaPue. He decides to have a last day. Collecting all of the money he’s saved, Peepers heads to his first (and by the end, only) stop to enjoy a final meal of ravioli. Gil Ozeri plays a very patient and understanding waiter who later alerts Peepers that he’s spent all day nursing his plate a ravioli. The head of the help runs to the trial, which had been going poorly thanks to Mark Twain (Rich Fuller), heading into opposing lawyer Charlton Wimbledon’s (Andy Daly) favor.  

In the end, Peepers causes a small Dead Poets Society moment that ends in a black man being arrested for the murder. Also, Sugar Lyn Beard guests as a cultish follower of Hamish. And then there’s the return of Will Sasso and Jon Daly’s policeman as the two have a sexual moment with Beatrice and a noose.

Should you watch “Trial of the Century?”

These characters work so well and are so greatly defined. The guest actors are delightful. The story is trashy enough and has so many twists that it’s frivolously pleasing. I think I love this show.