"Lillian's Wedding (Part 1)" - Another Period Review

Chad White

Another Period
“Lillian’s Wedding Part 1”
Season 2, Episode 9

Women have bodies that force men to do terrible things.

Players: Lillian, Frederick, Flobelle, Beatrice, Garfield, Hortense, Dodo

This week’s episode of Another Period is a litany of firsts. There’s the first time the show has featured a double episode, the first A and B plots not dealing with C and D, and the first Hortense episode. That last one is huge seeing as how she’s only been used sparingly over the course of three actors. All in all, it was a good episode that set up a lot for its conclusion.

In the cold open, it’s revealed that Lillian has met a very rich and equally old man. She coerces him to get married so that she can become rich again. There’s no explanation of how they met or why they’ve started dating. That’s pretty much the magic of Another Period; you just have to believe in the amended history. Much of that belief can be attributed to the B-story that features the return of William Taft, who is blackmailing Frederick for the vice presidency. With all of the setup, this episode is largely intimate but does boast one or two new venues. The largest being a nunnery that Frederick sends Beatrice off to.

This show is good at twisting its characters and making them the bad guys, something that Frederick does to his sister. He says that their relationship was Beatrice’s fault and sends her off to be a woman of the cloth. There she runs into Dodo who ran off to be a nun. It’s a nice reintroduction to the character but it’s completely out of nowhere much like Commodore in the same episode (he’s given on talking head). Jemaine Clement guest stars as the priest who isn’t ready to deal with Beatrice’s multitude of sins and asinine questions. At the same time, Frederick and Celery must qualm rumors of his incestuous relationship. Their plan works and everyone is in a better place.

Lillian’s story is straightforward as her future husband’s wedding is upstaged by his grandson Betram Harrison Fusselforth VII (played by the ever so charming Andrew Rannells). He falls for Hortense, much to Lillian’s dismay. But the bride passes this off almost immediately as she is about to marry into the family regardless. Her attitude is more upbeat but just as cutting in the episode. It’s especially notable in her remarks to everyone but her husband (she refers to Flobelle as “black Blanche” without batting an eye for instance). But with this being a two-parter, there has to be some act or event that forces the action to stop and pick up in the conclusion. That action happens to be the sudden but often implicated death of Lillian’s future husband.

Should you watch “Lillian’s Wedding Part 1?”

For one of the most focused episodes in the season, “Lillian’s Wedding” is must watch material. It tries to solve all the problems of the two main sisters but only one gets her ending. It’ll be interesting to see what the finale has in store for the manor Bellacourt. These characters have been down many paths for the past nine episodes. Let’s just hope the conclusion will have everyone back for a good time.