Sausage Party Review: Meat lovers special

Chad White
Loves: Seth Rogen, animated movies, food
Likes: Grocery shopping
Dislikes: Weed humor, heavy-sided ideals
Hates: Orgies

Oh, Mr. Sausage, when will it end!

Who knew that cartoons, food and curse words would come together to make such an entertaining movie? Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg did with their latest contribution to society, Sausage Party. Blending elements of religion and immature humor, the movie successfully manages to paint a picture of a world where food is sentient. The trailers did nothing to prepare the audience for what they should expect. Appropriate turns in the story kept things entertaining even though certain elements eclipsed the message of the movie.

Sausage Party stars Seth Rogen and Kristen Wiig as Frank, a hot god, and Brenda Bunson, a hotdog bun. Along with the other food in the store, they wake up every morning singing about “The Great Beyond,” which is what lies past the doors of the store. After a honey mustard (Danny McBride) is returned to the store, he is unable to describe what he’d seen actually happens to food on the outside. He commits suicide which causes mass hysteria around the store. This leads to Frank and Brenda going on a journey back to their aisle so that they may be chosen again to go to “The Great Beyond.” However, a douchey douche (Nick Kroll) is chasing them down, wanting vengeance for his damaged packaging. Other cast members include Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Salma Hayek, Edward Norton, David Krumholtz and a dozen others.

Characters are the highlight as everyone blindly follows this idea of a “Great Beyond.” Sausage Party’s writing dives head first into a belief system and by the end, it’s questioning it. There’s no doubt that Atheism is the star of the show. As with any movie that is pro any belief, I just wish it wasn’t so heavy handed. But Frank and the other groceries are funny enough to direct attention away from the subject matter. Michael Cera’s Barry in particular had exceptional characterization. Similarly, Edward Norton is great in his role as a Jewish bagel.

The writing is that of a black comedy, perhaps more so than that of Rogen and Goldberg’s other fairs. Every minute is painted with jokes about sex or the stereotype of the food itself (i.e. fruits all being gay) and it works a majority of the time. A sexy taco has sexy ulterior motives for helping out a hot dog bun. A Native American bottle of liquor smokes tons of drugs and talks in riddles. The bagels and lavash hate each other. No one is off the hook when it comes to this movie.

Animation isn’t up to snub though. It would’ve been nice to see something to the very least DreamWorks quality and this dirty. The same company that did the first Happily N’Ever After took a stab at this and it showed. While an attempt at polish was there, the animation did appear to have the chintzey look of the early 2000’s. Humans look like the mannequins of Mars Needs Moms. The hot dogs have Mickey Mouse’s lanky black arms and white gloved hands. A bag of chips looks like Augustus Gloop. It’s not pretty in the slightest. All in all, though, Sausage Party is entertaining throughout. Be wary of the ending. It’s not for everybody.

Should you watch Sausage Party?

If you’re a fan of Rogen and Goldberg’s humor and you like cartoons, go for it. This is the movie for you. It’s highly enjoyable but it can heavy-handed with its beliefs message. The characters are great, the writing is funny and you lose nothing from watching it. Although it won’t get you thinking about how we treat food (a brother’s got to eat), Sausage Party is perfect to chow down on.


  • I realize they’re sausages but I wrote hot dog in the review. I do not give one shit.
  • When I said every food item is a stereotype, I meant EVERY item. Craig Robinson’s Mr. Grits caught me off guard and had me doubled over. The fruits and Jewish foods, too, were hilarious.
  • Jonah Hill produced and helped with the story. Just thought that was interesting.
  • I want to talk about the ending so badly but I don’t want to ruin it. It’s disgusting and everything I wanted it to be. Rogen said on Any Given Wednesday that they only cut a second (“12 frames of animation”) out to make it R-rated instead of NC-17.
  • I love Nick Kroll but he was born to play a douche.
  • There was very little weed humor and I was very pleased. I can’t stand that junk.
  • Here’s the rest of the cast I wanted to mention: Paul Rudd as the Shopwell worker; Anders Holm as the mean hot dog; Bill Hader as Firewater and a few other foods; James Franco as the drug addict; Conrad Vernon (!) as toilet paper; animator Greg Tiernan as a couple of foods; Sugar Lyn Beard as carrots and cookies; and Rogen’s wife/sometimes co-star Lauren Miller as the human woman.
  • The gum as Stephen Hawking is the funniest thing in any movie this month. Genius.
  • Bath salts are the key to the fourth dimension.