"Lillian's Dead" - Another Period review

Chad White

Another Period
“Lillian’s Dead”
Season 2, Episode 11

Drop the bottle and let God slip inside you.

Players: Garfield, Lillian, Beatrice, Peepers, Commodore, Chair, Blanche, Dr. Goldberg, Dodo

It’s finally over. The arc that Another Period has been on since the ninth episode concluded this week with a less than stellar ending. This season could’ve really benefited from an hour long finale due to the amount of characters it boasts. But “Lillian’s Dead” was a fine resolution to what the show set out to do this season.

The story picks up with Lillian being taken to a bar by Garfield. She gets him kicked out and goes on a whiskey drinking bender. The men take a liking to her, letting her lead them in bar songs. She fits in well, maybe because she’s a pretty woman, and the guys let her drink all night. Beatrice finds her mid-song and tries to save her from sin. Determined to spend the afterlife with her sister, Beatrice breaks all of the bottles in the bar (which causes Harriett Tubman to call them "heroes"). The title of the episode rears its head when Lillian hits her head and dies. Beatrice takes her to the church, begging God to bring her sister back. But He doesn’t and Beatrice denounces him, smashing the offering box. The explosion of money wakes Lillian up from the dead in a sort of poetic nature. Beatrice looks at the work and glances up at the colored window pane of Jesus. Could he have possibly had a hand in this?

The third sister, Hortense, is heading to her new home with Bertram. The two have a disagreement on what Hortense will be doing from now on; she wants to write while he wants her to remain a homebody. Like her two sisters, Hortense remains stubborn in her endeavors. But her vigilance leads to the couple’s demise. Someone does die in tonight's episode and it’s probably the most expendable character. Hortense has been given the short end of the stick both on and off screen. After three total actors and maybe four or five D-story’s, stars/writers/creators Riki Lindhome and Natasha Leggero are finally letting her go.

Back at the manor, Blanche is having her baby but resident doctor and her husband Dr. Goldberg won’t help her (because Shabbat). She has it on her own, biting the umbilical cord and cuddling the bloody, placenta laden child. Peepers walks in on this and says her seven minute maternity leave is up. It’s always funny how much disrespect Blanche gets. With Hortense gone, she may get the most of it now.

Peepers’ story deals with him forging documents for Dodo. This doesn’t come into play until after Chair, showing her true colors, leaves the Commodore after he is informed that Hortense died and the family has no money due to her not having a will with Bertram. It’s a great series of events that, for any other show, would have been glossed over. The family attorney tells them that all of the money that Dodo had been giving to charity (that mysteriously folded at once) would be going to the abbey. It seems that the first wife won after all and thanks to Peepers’ fake signatures, it’s solidified. The episode ends with the girls returning home. But they won’t be there for long.

Should you watch “Lillian’s Dead?”

This season began with a mission to get the Bellacourts back on top. Alas, they weren’t able to accomplish that. It’s pretty sad but they kind of brought it on themselves. Everyone is in a different position than they were ten episodes ago. Beatrice has found something she’s good at; Lillian hit rock bottom but now she and her sister are feminist heroes; Commodore has no love life; Dodo is wealthy and with Jemaine Clement’s priest; and Blanche got rid of her pregnancy. One of the main issues is that characters like Frederick, Hamish, Flobelle, Victor, Albert, and Garfield were barely featured or not mentioned in the finale at all. A slowed down, fleshed out story could have benefited everyone this week. All in all, “Lillian’s Dead” was a fine end to season 2.