“Florida” – Broad City review

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Chad White

Broad City
Season 4, Episode 7

Welcome to Florida: America's droopy dick.

One of the most alluring aspects of Broad City is the true to life friendship of Abbi and Ilana. When Bobbi Wexler refers to Abbi as one of her children, it brought nothing but good feelings to this reviewer. Commenting on Abbi’s Facebook picture and telling her friends about her take the cake. I have a few friends whose parents refer to me as such and it’s a very warm situation. Seeing it in a televised fashion adds to the full authenticity to the experience. Another fun surprise is the show’s willingness to go outside of New York (sometimes described as the fifth character). Last season, the two ventured to Abbi’s home of Philadelphia. This week, the two are joined by Bobbi and Eliot in Florida.

The trip is spurred by Bobbi’s need to clean out her dead mother’s apartment. In a “blink and you’ll miss it” joke, grandma is said to have been dead for over a year and they’re just now getting down there to collect her belongings. Why is this? To make matters worse, Bobbi and her sister (Fran Drescher) fight over their mother’s wedding ring most of the time. But this is a show about Abbi and Ilana and their struggle to survive. The ladies find themselves loving Florida – gun toting old people included – ultimately deciding to move there after they drop an offer on an apartment.

While the show would never do such a thing as taking the character of New York outside of the show, the initial joke of Broad Florida is a tantalizing one. The ladies manage to get the most out of Florida while they’re there as they schmooze residents to be voted into the complex. And then the ball drops. Abbi and Ilana get the spot but only because the residents would "rather have two young Jewish dykes than a couple of niggers." Not even Tr**p supporting, gun wielding elders could get the ladies out of there fast enough.

Meanwhile, Eliot lost his luggage and is relegated to being on the phone with airline support while his mother fights with her sister. The directing this week comes from Ilana Glazer herself and she does a great job of keeping focus on story. Like Abbi’s turn directing in “Witches,” Ilana knew what to do from watching the show’s usual director Lucia Aniello. A scene reminiscent of the smoking circle from That 70’s Show is a particular standout. Then there’s the joke writing. Broad City’s world is malleable when the script calls for it. Either the girls are literal cartoons or they’re dealing with finding a place to sleep. Sometimes, they skirt the line between the two. A little kiss between the leads and a less than pleasant encounter with a resident ("You're the one dating the gangster dentist." "No, we broke up." "...good for you") are a couple of the hits. Jokes this week are classic Broad City. Oh and Lincoln is single.

Should you watch “Florida?”

There’s never been a better time to continue watching Broad City. If you’re missing this show, there’s something wrong with you.