“Finding Frances” – Nathan For You Review


Chad White

Nathan For You
“Finding Frances”
Season 4, Episode 7

This review is late. There is no excuse. I am sorry.

The challenge of solving a mystery intrigued me.

Nathan For You has proved itself to be the type of show that can polarize an audience as much as it brings them in. The events leading up to the highlighted business’s final verdict on whatever hairbrained idea Nathan provides for them are always worth the watch. Nathan’s been able to meet or even surpass expectations unwittingly put on him by the audience throughout each episode. But never – ever – has Nathan been able to provide something this big.

“Finding Frances” makes “The Movement” look like a regular episode. Both are supersized in their runtimes yet “Frances” offers more. It’s feature length, full of the twists and turns a scripted film would take. And that’s one of the more admirable qualities of this episode; it comes off as pre-written. It’d surprise no one if, in ten years, Fielder came out and said the whole thing was made up. But I hope to God it’s not.

The length isn’t the only grandiose aspect of the episode. Along with the natural feeling of a documentary thriller (think Beware the Slenderman), “Frances” comes off as a several years long project with clips from as far back as 2015 being used for reference. I’d be remised if I described too much of the story in a review so I won’t do that. Just know that the Bill Gates impersonator, Bill Heath, is a real piece of work. He’s been showing up at the show’s offices periodically for YEARS. Not only that but he’s also been reminiscing about his first love to anyone who would or wouldn’t listen.

What follows in the next hour and a half includes but is not limited to:

  • Bill talking about being an Arkansas Razorback alumus.
  • Tricking a Little Rock high school by pretending to make a Mud sequel.
  • Poorly using an age enhancing software on a photo.
  • Bill turning out to be a big, fat liar on multiple fronts.
  • Nathan dating an escort that was supposed to be for Bill.
  • Bill wasting the show’s money. Several times.
  • Cold calling old women all around the state.
  • Nathan falling in love with an escort.
  • And so, so, so much more.

Should you watch “Finding Frances?”

Yes. The end.