"Hog Riders" - Detoriters review

Chad White

“Hog Riders”
Season 1, Episode 2

If we were jerking each other off, there'd be jizz EVERYWHERE.

Following the semi-exposition heavy pilot episode from last week, Detroiters felt comfortable enough to let the show have fun with its characters. This rings true as soon as both Tim and Sam decide to forgo buying a much needed van and instead opt for an admittedly sweet bike.

The beginning of the episode has the two ad men pitching a commercial idea to a client. He enjoys it but says their shoot will have to come in the following week after he goes on a trip to Dubai. Sam and Tim are floored at their client’s willingness to treat himself. They see that and buy a motorcycle only to tire of it later. But that only comes into fruition once they see they’re unneeded at their own ad firm. This is thanks to an annoying security guard whose brash ideas prove to be novel.

What’s fun about Detroiters is that, even when there’s no real story, main plot points move along nicely. A goal in this show is to get more clients. The guys almost had their chance to do so once they allowed (non-purposefully) the guard to pitch his commercial to a tough sell of a client. It’s a nice conceit to have Tim and Sam, on some level, understand that their way may not always work. Even at the end, they end up returning the bike and getting the van that was needed in the first place.

On an unrelated point, the length at which some jokes go on is both impressive and trying. The security guard’s pitches took up a substantial amount of one scene. The same can be said about the multiple motorcycle montages. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen too often.

Should you watch “Hog Riders?”

The second episode is just as funny as the first. However, it didn’t showcase the city at the same capacity – which is believed to be part of the thought process of the show.