Superior Donuts First Look Review: One big donut hole

Chad White

Superior Donuts
Season 1, Episode 1

This is a first look review of CBS’s Superior Donuts starring Jermaine Fowler, Judd Hirsch, Katey Sagal, David Koechner, Maz Jabroni, and Anna Baryshnikov.

Now everybody's talking about donuts!

CBS has been the leading network sitcom host for years. But they’ve been missing crucial elements like diversity during that time. Sure, they have Hawaii Five-0 but that show is led by a handful of white people. The introduction of Superior Donuts brings in not only a well-established cast but a diverse one too. Even still, the show has short comings of a mediocre network sitcom.

Superior Donuts stars Jermaine Fowler as a “millennial” who yearns for the good times of childhood by working at a donut shop run by Judd Hirsch that’s in his neighborhood. Hirsch is reluctant to let the kid work there but he figures that he needs fresh ideas to take down his corporate enemies. Katy Sagal, David Koechner, Anna Baryshnikov and Ma Jabroni play Hirsch’s colorful regulars. Even though Fowler and Hirsch have a fight that leads to the firing of the former, this show has the makings of a simple sitcom plot.

It’s almost uncreative in its execution as jokes fall flat through the TV only to have the canned audience laughter muddy the forced display. Fowler is young and energetic, almost delivering lines at a pace that no one can keep up with. His words are fast paced – almost too much. Hirsch, on the other hand, is mild (almost tepid) in his delivery. What’s worse is that the script from Neil Goldman, Garrett Donovan and Bob Daily is not good. There’s no sugar coating it. Jokes can be seen coming from the opposite side of the country. They’re lame and clearly written by an older set of guys who think they have novel ideas on how the younger generation operates. CBS had to re-pilot this show and, if this is the product, they might have to try again. At least James Burrow’s direction is competent.

Should you watch Superior Donuts?

There’s no reason you should. It’s not good. But the cast is a bunch of really funny people. CBS has a penchant for casting well and that’s it. You miss nothing by missing this show entirely.