"Devereux Wigs" - Detroiters review

Chad White

“Devereaux Wigs”
Season 1, Episode 4

Asshole and asshole light.

After two episodes of seemingly not working, Tim and Sam do some more marketing for a local wig shop. But they, of course, get sidetracked. This time, the guys argue with the client about their singing abilities only to find a local celebrity sing the song for the commercial. It’s much more nuanced than that and more characterization is dispersed throughout an episode that continues the show’s upward trajectory.

Sam and Tim have a complicated relationship. This has been evident since episode one. Sam is the better looking one, he’s the more sensible one and this week’s episode proved he’s the more talented one. When the two head to a karaoke bar, the crowd favors Sam over Tim, who tries his darndest the entire episode to prove everyone wrong. Even the singer they’re trying to hire shows that he likes Sam more. To add to that, there’s a bit where the guys summarize the pitch for the show itself and I’m not doing it justice here.

But the night was really about getting the local singer to head up the vocals for their Devereaux Wigs commercial. They (regrettably) drive him to his home near Detroit Lake (twice). On a semi-related note, that is not a short drive. Tim and Sam have the right to be annoyed with the drive. It’s 46 miles out from the city but the singer laments “It’s not that far!” It was a good joke.

Ultimately, after a light montage of suit changing and dancing, the singer agrees to do the gig. But Tim realizes that he’s the worst singer, storming out of the second meeting with the wig shop owner (before that, he lights what he comically thinks is the only VHS copy of the commercial on fire). There’s a gag where Sam tells their production assistant Leah to “read the card.” She proceeds to recite an apology for Tim’s erratic outburst in the most lackluster way. It was the single funniest thing that has happened on this already very funny show.

Should you watch “Devereaux Wigs?”

Detroiters is on a roll with its script and characters. There’s still not much going on with the city as a whole but it’s nice to see intimate stories like these told. A lot of funny bits in this episode are due in part to the actors themselves. Watch it.