“Dream Cruise” – Detroiters Review

Chad White

“Dream Cruise”
Season 1, Episode 8

If you find copper in someone's walls or a city fountain, can we give you cash for that?

There comes a time in most show’s first seasons when regular viewers and fans sit down and say “This. This is the episode I will tell my friends to watch” when they suggest a series. With my utmost confidence, I can definitively say that “Dream Cruise” will sell anyone on Detroiters. It’s got everything that a good comedy episode should have. One liners, disparate storylines, call backs, cause and effect, cameos. There’s no shortage of laughs to be had here.

Sam and Tim appear on Good Morning Detroit to talk about their latest venture, a Detroit themed shirt with the word “De2troit.” After a freestyling mishap, intern Lea breaks her ankle on air and she needs the guys to reup the company’s insurance. So the boys go to collect money from past clients in order to pay the insurance (though they opt not to bring their weapons like brass knuckles and a wooden bat). Before that exact moment, the episode’s first act is already filled with solid jokes. For instance, Sheila thinks she fooled the guys by pretending to be sick when she’s already dressed for the upcoming dream cruise. Or the people behind the morning broadcaster pretending to fellate the air. Or Sam and Tim screaming at an unknown coworker. Nothing could make the episode better. That is until the next act.

The first stop on the money tour is Devereux Wigs – commercial and all. The store is being protested seemingly on a daily basis ever since it was outed that they used dead human hair. While the hair has been upgraded (?) to dead animal hair, they’re still unable to make ends meet. Sam and Tim move to Cash For Copper which features a cameo from Michael Che. While Sam and Tim are loveable, they’re not so bright as the guys running the company can’t pay the fellas on the books. But there’s an envelope of cash that they look over. You can put two and two together but Sam and Tim can’t. That’s, in part, what makes this show likeable. There’s never a direct answer for their problems (that they can see).

The story delineates for a scene when the guys get trapped in Dream Cruise traffic. After a confrontation, they decide to make over their car complete with eye lashes, flame magnets and three pairs of trucknuts. And they even see Sheila hanging out with some bad boys. The line exchange when they see her and the montage of fitting the car proceeding that could’ve been an episode to themselves. Finally, they get to their last client, Roz Chunks: Mom Lawyer played by Cecily Strong. The character could’ve passed for an SNL one if they really tried. Her shtick is that her son is really getting into oddly specific porn so she can’t pay up. A few lines about descriptive Simpsons porn later leads to the guys leaving with very little money.

In the end, everything is solved by the mystery employee who is used as an ex machina. But that doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t. Sam and Tim took the viewer on a 22 minute journey involving more than a handful of locations and made every joke count. That’s the mark of a great comedy.

Should you watch “Dream Cruise?”

One word: yes.