"Yard Sale" - Crashing Review

Chad White

“Yard Sale”
Season 1, Episode 3

I open the calendar up and Siri asks if I'm okay.

Ever since Pete moved out of suburbia, his life hasn’t been much different. Save for not waking up next to “the love of his life,” Pete has mostly been performing as much as possible and hanging out with fellow comedians. But “Yard Sale” is an episode about rehashing old memories that lead to opening up wounds that haven’t had a chance to heal. It’s about letting go when everyone else is letting go. Pete, sadly and naturally, can’t let go. Not yet. His wife leaving him is still fresh and her insistence on having a yard sale to clear out his junk is necessary but it isn’t necessarily helping.

When Pete wakes up, he’s on a bean bag chair in the lavish -- and presumably -- one bed room apartment of TJ Miller. He doesn’t sleep well, jerking awake at a sleepwalking Miller who is conscious enough to do a mini performance before collapsing to the floor. Having Pete work off of two comedians who are complete contrasts to him is a great way to see how the blossoming funny man performs. For both Holmes (the real) and Pete (the character), this is a growing process. Pete is still this doughy, soft spoken Christian who insists that he and his wife try to work out their problems.

Jess, however, wants none of that. After Pete freaks out on her at the sale, she invites him inside to talk. For the first time, the two are on level ground. But Pete’s unstable condition after having just gotten back his beloved journals that were sold by accident lead him to have an irrational conversation. Jess, level headed but still confrontational, tells Pete that when you love someone, you’d support them. The subsequent sentence where she states she’d support Leaf (George Basil) if he’d went into comedy rather than Pete is more than hurtful. The pangs of emotion that skirt across Pete’s face and slip into the viewer’s consciousness only add to the tense, sad, and desperate conversation. Jess didn’t love Pete; she loves Leaf.

The same emotion that Jess holds for her new beau is how Pete feels about comedy. That night, he goes to an open mic. It’s not good nor is there even a real crowd but he continues to do it because he loves it. A similar conversation Pete and TJ have on the way to the yard sale covers the same topic matter. While TJ admits he’s sorry for Pete losing his wife, he also tells his new friend to become untethered to his past and the things (at the yard sale) that were with it. Leaf and Jess insist on the same thing.

But our doughy hero still needs time to bake. He’s holding even the smallest memories in the highest regard whether it be candles the couple bought at Carl’s Bad Caverns or a crappy picture frame with the etched words “All things grow with love.” Pete contends he needs these things to feel whole when it’s really comedy he feels more at home with. In the end, when TJ is asked to go on stage at the dismal open mic and Pete is forced to follow, it’s the booker that gives the best advice of the night. He reports that following TJ will make him a better comic. And that’s what sweetie Petey needs; a good kick in the pants to become who he will eventually be.

Should you watch “Yard Sale?”

Crashing continues its streak with another solid episode. Pete’s on his way to becoming confident thanks to his friends. Give it a go.