Masterminds Review: No mind games

Chad White

Loves: This cast and the crew
Likes: Action comedies
Dislike: This movie
Hates: What these actors had to say because of this script, butt jokes

You farted right into my butthole.

Sometimes, a comedy movie comes out and it does nothing to further itself in terms of the genre. These movies make the same lame jokes or feature characters that refuse to grow over time and or both. It’s hard to defend something trying so hard to make joke telling arduous. If it weren’t for Relativity's issues with putting out the movie, Masterminds could’ve come and gone as an under the radar comedy that should’ve stayed under the radar.

Zach Galifianakis and Kristen Wiig star as David Ghantt and Kelly Campbell, leading a top notch cast featuring Owen Wilson, Leslie Jones, Jason Sudeikis, Mary Elizabeth Ellis and others. Wiig -- part of Owen’s crew -- uses her feminine wiles to trick Galifianakis into robbing the banking company at which they work. The plan then deepens to him leaving his wife (Kate McKinnon), heading to Mexico with only $20,000 of the $17 million. But he hopes that Wiig will run away with him. That’s the crux of the story that simply outshines the jokey parts. Writer Emily Spivey, as talented as she is, couldn’t save this script if she wanted to.

However, there are a lot of action moments -- not scenes -- that help elevate the plain bad script. These occasions are pretty well done with direction from Jared Hess. That’s where the buck stops. Nothing else about the movie stands out. It’s not that Masterminds needs to be as flamboyant as a movie like Popstar or bigger than life like Office Christmas Party, it just stops trying after the casting options.

Should you watch Masterminds?

Masterminds is an action/comedy that didn’t commit to either. Don’t go looking for this movie on Netflix anytime soon (for several reasons).