Talking with Chris Hardwick First Look Review

  Photo from AMC

Photo from AMC

Chad White

Talking with Chris Hardwick
“Episode 102”
Season 1, Episode 2

This is a First Look Review of AMC's Talking with Chris Hardwick starring Chris Hardwick.

It’s talking...but with Chris Hardwick.

For a very long time I wanted my own talk show. But, since having started this website almost four years ago, there have been a number of one wonder celebrities to try their hand at hosting. Comedy Central just seems to hand them out, NBC has had a few, ABC has a number running. Even Neil DeGrasse Tyson has one and that guy’s a nerd! But there is one host who beats even Ryan Seacrest himself: Chris Hardwick. For almost two decades now, Hardwick has managed to get his hand into several media based pies. From Singled Out to Attack of the Show to his very own podcast, the nerdy but cool host does what a modern host should do. His latest effort -- Talking with Chris Hardwick -- is more of the Talking series that he and AMC are known for except this time, there’s no centralized subject matter.

Bucking the Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, and Preacher monikers, Talking can easily be described as a televised version of Hardwick’s podcast. There are less jokes involving dicks and way more censoring plus there’s a live audience but it’s still a version of the podcast. That’s not a bad thing for his fans nor is it a negative against the show. It works and Hardwick shows he’s a seasoned vet as he facilitates conversation. The guests are game whether he has one or three. What Hardwick shares with his fellow talk show friends (Conan, Colbert, Meyers, Bee, Handler, Oliver and the Jimmy’s) is that he’s able to draw out laughs where they need to be. A good host is present in the conversation, transitioning from questions on the card to on the fly observations.

What Talking and Hardwick don’t have is deviances. There are no games. There are no sketches. There’s not even a band or sidekick. And that’s where Talking shines. It doesn’t need the frills of other late night shows. Hardwick is able to make the hour go by on conversation alone, which is a feat that some hosts struggle with in under ten minutes. But Hardwick splits his time in the world of podcasting so his comfortableness in an expanded conversation is easy to understand. Much like Graham Norton, Hardwick start with a fact about the interviewee and the conversation goes on from there.

Talking’s other segment that involves viewers and audience members asking questions is another positive aspect of the show. People in the audience were able to ask whatever they like as video and text questions were also interspersed. This aspect gave the show the feeling of a live podcast taping of the Nerdist podcast (you know, without Jonah Ray or Matt Mira and way less dick jokes).

Should you watch Talking with Chris Hardwick?

It’s another solid addition to the talk show genre. And it gives AMC an excuse to have Hardwick on year round. Do you need another talk show? No, but like the others, you’ll probably pick and choose the episodes you watch. Podcast fans will also be happy to know that the uncensored and extended episodes are available on the Nerdist podcast feed too. Talking is a good watch.