“Julie” – Crashing Review

Chad White

Season 1, Episode 7

You can cheat on me but you can't cheat on this!

It couldn’t last. How dare Pete Holmes try to be happy for more than one episode. Just as soon as he got the warm up gig for Rachael Ray, he loses it. And all because he let a woman he just met into his head. Let’s back up for a second and look at the moments leading up to Pete’s demise. Leif’s wife, Julie, visits Pete at work and a segment about cheating just so happened to be airing. Naturally, Pete the Warm Up Comic talks about the situation that he is in only to see Julie in the crowd, angry that he lied to her about knowing about the infidelity prior to their meeting. She storms out and he’s thrown for a loop when he unwittingly discusses oral sex with Rachael’s mother (who is not too impressed).

On many levels, Pete should be proud that the crowd did enjoy his discussion on oral sex. They were laughing and having a good time. It was just one bad apple in the crowd that spoiled the whole crop (and was also related to the head apple). Even so, Pete did kind of let the entire situation go to his head. Throughout the episode, he tells pretty much everyone about his new job. But he is sheepish to discuss it around his hero comedians like Rachel Feinstein, Artie Lange and Dave Attell.

When he’s at the Boston Comedy Club asking the booker for more time, the warm up gig is the first thing he brings up (Pete describes it in the simplest of terms: "It's a little bit like late night but it's during the day and there's cooking."). It’s almost as if he thinks he’s better than the people who aren’t working in comedy and still doing open mics. Of course, the booker tries to knock Pete down back to Earth but Petey is not having it. Is he better than the people working ten, fifteen and twenty years compared to his one or two? No, he’s not. And Pete must get that through his head. Each episode seems to have a spirit guide whether it be his mom, ex-wife, Leif, TJ Miller, Sarah Silverman or Artie. They guide him to be himself and he does that. But getting this new job made him something he wasn’t before: successful.

This idea continues into another stand up engagement he has at his other favorite open mic spot. The booker for that show tells Pete he’s happy for him getting the warm up gig, saying he’s smart for “taking a chance” with him. But another club booker immediately criticizes Pete for wanting to mention it when he is introduced at an open mic. Pete’s ineptness is keeping him from being his true self. The guy we met in episode one; the man who tried to tick his parents into believing he was still married. If Pete isn’t levelheaded, he loses his comedy chops as seen in his third open mic appearance where – after being made fun of for the warm up credit – he is unable to perform. The episode ending with Warren Zevon’s “Bad Karma” is the perfect capsule on an awkward episode as Pete returns to barking for the Boston.

There’s also a subplot (for which the episode is named after) that has Julie trying to get Pete on her side and also have sex. Leif wants to get at Julie’s six million dollar fortune. And Pete’s ex is nowhere to be seen. It’s honestly not that great. Every show could use more Lauren Lapkus though. Oh, and Pete is still wearing his wedding ring. I hope that’ll be addressed too.

Should you watch “Julie?”

This is the weakest episode following a handful of stellar half hours in television. Hopefully next week’s finale will make up for it.