“Husky Boys” – Detroiters Review

Chad White

“Husky Boys”
Season 1, Episode 9

To our mouths and buttholes. May they never meet.

One of the lingering questions of Detroiters is what happened to Tim’s dad, Big Hank. Tonight, we finaly got that answer. It turns out Hank went crazy. Now, he lives in an asylum on the outskirts of the city. He returns, much to the fanfare of his old clients. Many of them still hold respect for him too – even though he did some crazy stuff. While the episode has its fair share of plain outlandish jokes, it doesn’t get too far from the heart either. “Husky Boys” is a good entry into the Detroiters universe.

The episode’s title comes from Tim and Sam’s current commercial shoot at a plus sized clothing store for young men. The owner introduces the character of Big Hank through remembering how the man went nuts. But not before the guys rattle off several (I’d argue too few) Husky Boy catchphrases. This show exemplifies great joke writing and it continues to show here. Sam and Tim go through off handed but good natured insults and one liners that perfectly capture the potential hilarity of marketing a store that sells clothes to fat kids. Excuse me, husky boys.

When they return to the office, they find Sheila flirting with Hank. Once he stands up in his own slow motion sequence, we really get to see why everyone refers to him as “Big Hank.” He’s large, his voice is demanding and he can control the room instantly but he’s also a good father. Tim referred to Hank with reverence for the past few episodes and it shows why. He really does want to make his dad proud. Hank invites the two to a business lunch so he can nab back a client. Again, the writing is impeccable in this scene that has jokes flowing in and out of dialogue seamlessly. Highlights include Sam wanting four beers and Tim getting offended by a wife based joke.

Sadly, all of this goodwill doesn’t last as Tim and Sam find out that Hank is one of many patients that escaped the hospital after the orderlies went on strike. From that point, the episode could’ve gone in two ways: a). Hero Hank could’ve been taken down a peg and been a real jerk or b). Hank gets a proper goodbye. Thankfully, the latter was the chosen option. The guys spend the evening with Hank shooting off fireworks, eating sandwiches, and watching the sunrise. For a scene preceded by slow motion walking and slow motion Sheila picking up a pencil, it turned out to be the sweetest thing to happen in the show. Tim and Sam get the tagline they need for Husky Boys and all is well.

Should you watch “Husky Boys?”

The gags alone warrant a watch (a call back to Wallace? Who knew we needed that?). And Big Hank is a good character for the Detroiters mythos.