“The Dark Web: Good or Evil?” - Problematic review

Chad White

“The Dark Web: Good or Evil?”
Season 1, Episode 4

Do you think people on meth spell that well?

If there’s any take away from this week’s episode of Problematic, it’s that a lot of dark, terrible things happen on there. But, as host Moshe Kasher is quick to counter, the dark web can be used as a positive benefit too. It’s like a seesaw; for every positive influence, there’s always a negative lurking a single click away. The dark web can be used as protection against a totalitarian government that wants to track its citizens. Conversely, it can be used to get black tar heroin into your hands for a third of a bitcoin. It’s scary when you think about it.

Still, Kasher and his panel were able to handle the topic with acute conversation. This week, the panel included Morgan Marquis Boire, Cindy Cohn, and Hannibal Buress. Each had something important to add to the discussion -- even Buress who admitted he’d only checked out the dark web to buy drugs. Oth Boire and Cohn spoke eloquently on the subject matter as they explained why the technology of the dark web exists and where it’s being used (Kasher included the example of Turkey). Not much else has to be said for such a surprising but welcome topic. A+ discussion.

The panel then went on a tour of Tor as Problematic’s resident weirdo took them for a ride. Sites with drugs, guns and proposed horrific events were shown in all of their glory. Pictures of drugs like pure crystal meth overtook the screen, giving a sense of unease for anyone (like myself) who’d never seen anything like it. It’s so odd to see something so strange on screen for the first time honestly. Kasher guided the conversation and tour very well. The episode ended with a pretaped segment that was either well scripted or featured some good actors. And, of course, audience questions.

Should you watch “The Dark Web: Good or Evil?”

Before the verdict, hats off to the editors and producers who managed to fix one of my main grievances with the show. The past three episodes have been good but the obvious trimming down of a 40 minute shoot has been not too good. “The Dark Web: Good or Evil?” fixed 90% of the problem and that’s all I ask. Anyway, give this episode a watch if you’re interested in learning all you need to know about the dark web.