“Meet the Alt-Right” – Problematic review

Chad White

“Meet the Alt-Right”
Season 1, Episode 6

There's only room for three, maybe four more people in this country.

And here we are. It’s the final episode of the season for Problematic, a day we knew was coming but not when. Six episodes doesn’t seem like enough. It’s pretty odd that Comedy Central didn’t want to float another four to the very least. Moshe Kasher is entirely grateful to the network for allowing him to do this show in the first place but, come on. If they can order more of The President Show, they can have a solid ten episodes of Problematic.

This week’s topic is one that is surprising – even for the show that spoke on Islamophobia. The Alt-Right got their time to shine as Ann Coulter and Lucian Wintrich joined the panel with Jim Norton providing the relief it needed. Coulter and Wintrich are very, very, very opinionated which made for light to medium sparring between the two and Kasher. Their discussion was productive yet it dissolvable by the end as Wintrich took to both the defensive and attack as he spoke.

Kasher, who looked visibly bothered, managed to rein in the conversation when it needed to be. Coulter seemed to be on her best behavior too (though it’s not like people were attacking her as much as any other venue). It was also enjoyable seeing Kasher and Norton bash down pro-Alt-Right arguments with logic and cool. As much as this reviewer hates these hateful people, the episode was constructive even when the discussion wasn’t. Hearing Ann Coulter say “pussy” wasn’t as bad as initially thought. Go figure.

Other segments joining the panel were an interview with an Alt-Right guy that was heavily edited for comedic effect, video questions, audience questions, a VICE reporter explaining the many sects of the movement, and an interview with Matt Furie, the creator of the Pepe meme. Each one provided positively to the talk but some were meant to be funnier or more informative than others. The VICE reporter really stood out as he showcased who actually makes up the system. Kasher also aided in explaining why these people are there.

Should you watch “Meet the Alt-Right?”

Here was another topic that I would’ve thought not to be covered. As the series has proven, it’s always good to look at the other side’s argument. It initially made me uncomfortable but Kasher managed to make this episode informative and funny for the subject matter, all without making Democrats look like children. Good job.