Bajillion Dollar Propertie$ season 3 review: When the illegitimate son meets the legitimate son

Chad White

Bajillion Dollar Propertie$
Season 3
Episodes 1-8

I’m doing the talking at you thing now. You’re welcome.

Seeso isn’t the biggest streaming platform nor is it particularly flashy. There are no superstars, shows that get all the buzz or a movie going to Sundance. But what it does have, however, is a handful of excellent shows made by people that should have the world’s attention. One of the shows, arguably the most popular show on the network, Bajillion Dollar Propertie$ is back. And this season wants to shake things up. Characters aren’t reacting to one another as they would in previous years. There aren’t as many successes. Platinum Reality is basically turning inside out. Much to creator Kulap Vilaysack’s credit, it all works.

Bajillion’s third season may be different but all the workings of seasons one and two are still there. We’re following the same handful of wacky realtors that we’re accustomed to. Everyone from Dan Ahdoot to Mandell Maughan does their part. Tim Baltz in particular stands out. That guy just has something about him that attracts funniness. His introduction as a goth and the subsequent transformation are astoundingly funny. The other cast members perform well too. Drew Tarver and Ryan Gaul’s once-partner-now-squabbling friendship is a good bit, lasting part of the season until an eventual make up dance scene. Tawny Newsome’s abstinence from technology is a struggle many can relate to. But seeing her resist temptations (she suggests one tweet for Dean Rosedragon won’t hurt) is a delight. Speaking of Platinum Reality’s boss, Paul F. Tompkins is magical as always on screen.

Over the course of eight episodes, Vilaysack – who also did a bulk of the directing -- leads viewers through several story threads. Her scripting and editing result in quick paced scenes. The mix of improv and writing is baffling. It’s difficult to parse what might be a prepared line and what’s off the top of the actor’s domes. That’s a good thing, too, as the jokes come off as natural. Whatever she’s doing is reminiscent of The Office and Parks and Recreation but almost an evolution of the styles as well. These types of docucomedies are iterative; the better ones prosper. Boy, does Bajillion prosper.

The guest actors are also stand outs. Jemaine Clement, Nicole Parker, Eugene Cordero, The Wild Horses, Sarah Silverman, Gillian Jacobs, Craig Cackowski, Jessica St. Clair and others make the most of their scenes. They’re all trained and hardened comedians so this is a no brainer. What makes Bajillion stand out is the interactions between the main cast and the guests. These realtors are showing homes to often eccentric potential buyers. The lengths they go to in order to nab a sale are too much to not enjoy. Watch Tarver and Kate Berlant sink to the floor in while role playing as parent and baby is hilarious. The same can be said for Ahdoot’s inability to find the right key for a second front door to show Rhys Darby a home before his flight.

Should you watch Bajillion Dollar Properties season 3?

Ask yourself one question: Do you like to laugh? Yes? Then watch. Here’s another qualifier: Are you interested in alternative comedy? This is a great introduction to it. So, there you have it.