The Jim Jefferies Show: Just another talk show

Chad White

The Jim Jefferies Show
Season 1, Episode 1

This is a First Look Review of The Jim Jefferies Show on Comedy Central hosted by Jim Jefferies.

My name is Jim Jefferies! That's probably why I got the gig!

This week Comedy Central premiered a show hosted by a comedian that talked about today’s political climate. The person was funny (or not funny depending on whose side you’re on). A segment or two outside of the studio played well with the crowd. There were several applause breaks. If any of this sounds familiar, it’s how a majority of Comedy Central’s shows go over these days. They’ve cornered the market on policomedy talk shows and saturated it at the same time. Looking at the past few years of greenlighted shows will show you that. Nikki Glaser, Anthony Jeselnik, Moshe Kasher and others all had their chances to host a show. Heck, even Hannibal Buress did one and canceled it because he wasn’t feeling the vibe. The genre is nothing special anymore when other shows have been doing it for years.

So why watch The Jim Jefferies Show? Like any other series in the medium, viewers will come only for the talent. Fans of the Austrailian comic will know what to expect. The rest of the viewers are most likely there to see Jefferies’s take on issues. And, boy, those issues are a commonly shared interest among today’s hosts. The Jim Jefferies Show is nothing more than another late night show…but this time there’s a non-American host.

At least he’s funny. This week, Jefferies spoke on the president, police brutality and had a segment on black face in Holland. The president stuff was familiar fodder. However, the police brutality topic had a lot of notable quips. Jefferies has always had a skillful maneuvering of jokes, a trait he shares with a lot of fellow Comedy Central hosts. One longwinded joke in particular stood out. Jefferies suggests a slavery program called “2 Years A Slave” where all the races (except blacks) would have to trade off two years of being slaves. Whites would go first, naturally, and then Asians, Hispanics and white people again (blacks get a bye week thankfully). It’s such an imaginative bit that plays well with everyone involved.

To that end, the writing also looms over the nonoriginal aspects of the show. The team’s bits do very well both with the live audience and home viewers. The delivery is on par too. The taped segment on black face, though, played a little less. Problematic saw trouble with them. These things never go over too well. Jokes fall flat or aren’t there entirely. Even still, Jefferies is comfortable with everything. He moves along at a nice pace; doing better than any other first time host. Plus he LOVES to lean back in his chair. I think it's neat. Oh and Brad Pitt of all people showed up as the show’s weatherman. It was a cool surprise. Brad Pitt. Geez.

Should you watch The Jim Jefferies Show?

The answer is simple: if you like him, you’ll like the show. If not, you’ll at least think he’s funny.