“Hella Perspective” – Insecure review

Chad White

“Hella Perspective”
Season 2, Episode 8

After seven episodes of wavering excellence, Insecure reached a conclusion that’s probably best for everyone involved. Molly continues to mess with Dro; Issa and Lawrence try friendship even though they know they’re still in love; and Issa’s work is back to where it was a season ago. Also, Freida gets a promotion. The past two months of elapsed time in the show were tumultuous for all parties. Season three will place each character into a familiar space. Here’s hoping they can learn from their experiences.

In the meantime, Molly got back together with Dro. It sucks, the revelation. The entire episode had Molly get close to and subsequently hook up with Lil Rel Howery’s Quinton. He’s funny and charming yet, in retrospect, the scene in question is painted as a pity move. Why can’t Molly take her own advice? Two great guys – including Sterling K. Brown’s Lionel – are lined up for her. Molly is fake. That’s the conclusion to her story. At least she’s back in therapy.

For Issa, she’s as real as it gets. It takes a lot for a person to tell their ex they’re still in love. The final moments between Lawrence and Issa are as heartbreaking as they are unforgiving. Each second is emotionally taxing, draining both viewer and characters simultaneously. It doesn’t help that the last few seconds are capped with a dream sequence where the two share their lives together. Added onto the pressure is Issa’s new life. She’s moving – not by her own choice – in with her brother. And her boos looks down on her because of the Principal Gaines incident. It’s truly a shame she had to end up in those situations. Perhaps the work issue could’ve been handled with her bringing up the problem beforehand. At least she and Lawrence are Facebook friends again.

Then there’s Lawrence. He’s causing all sorts of trouble in his personal life. Aparna is chummy with her ex (their coworker) and Lawrence is apprehensive. This culminates in a fight the couple has while on a date. Aparna leaves and it’s not clear they’re still together. Curiously, it’s dropped entirely so maybe they aren’t. On the plus side, there’s a funny scene with the guys hanging out. This almost never happens so it’s great to see Lawrence, Chad and Derek doing what their female friends do.

Direction in “Hella Perspective” plays well into the title. Melina Matsoukas did phenomenally with tight shots during fights, concealing Molly’s love interest, and covering that marathon. She’s been doing a lot of the direction this season and she’s truly building on her work with each scene. Writing came from Issa herself. The script was just as good as the direction. Conversations between Molly and Issa have never been better and those parts are the best action in the show. It was a smart move for her not to put Issa (the character) and Lawrence back together. She’ll find her own happy ending with someone else.

Speaking of, the show within the show Due North got its due. Every scene that was playing in the background this season is played after “Hella Perspective” and it’s a very welcome treat. Regina King leads an overacting cast in this Shondaland rip off about a slave and her master lover. Here are a selection of quotes: "Thick ox ass; ""Sojourner! Truth!;" "You let massa swing low on your sweet chariot?!;" "I hate slavery!" It’s so good. Go watch it.

Should you watch “Hella Perspective?”

It’s a fine finale. Insecure can be dry at points and predictable (Molly, make better decisions) but it’s engaging nonetheless. Issa Rae has tapped into something no other show can capture. My only hope is it gets the recognition it deserves.