Nathan for You: A Celebration Review

Chad White

Nathan For You
“Nathan for You: A Celebration”
Season 4, Episode 0

Ready to get crunk? Daddy wants?

After a long year and a half, Nathan For You finally returns to Comedy Central next Thursday with brand new episodes. Before that, though, fans are treated to an hour long retrospective of the show’s first three seasons. Featured businesses are brought back to the forefront. As it turns out, everyone is doing fine. The ghost realtor is still moving along. Summit Ice is educating jacket buyers. The detective is a better person overall. It turns out Nathan is surprisingly adept at this whole business consultant thing.

Don’t go into this episode thinking it’ll feature any game changing element never before seen in Nathan For You. What “A Celebration” is really about is following up on the people whose lives changed dramatically since Nathan stumbled into them. Don’t worry though; “A Celebration” is pure Nathan For You. The special is hosted by The Hunk (Season 1) host Anthony Napoli who, right out of the gate, wants to clear up the whole threesome debate. With this joke and the later segments, this episode makes it clear it’s painted for true fans of the series. Nathan and Napoli do provide enough context to make newcomers feel welcome but longtime viewers will get the most kick out of the segments.

Even with almost two years off the air, Nathan manages to keep his awkwardness at a high level. As soon as he sits down with Napoli, there’s a dreadfully long pause begging to be filled. When he goes to meet with Ghost Realtor Sue, Nathan asks her new medium based partner (her old one passed away) to speak to the dead partner and ask him if OJ Simpson killed people. And then there’s the former teen vandal Kyle’s tattoo removal. The scenes are all so perfect. The special also brings back other guests for between segment interstitials. And a much hyped about interview with one of the show’s production assistants, Salomon Flores, is appropriately an arid chat.

“A Celebration” is a special through and through. It’s a decent introduction to the show (but you should go back and check out the first seasons). Most of all, it’s a love letter to true fans.

Should you watch “Nathan For You: A Celebration?”

Fans will like it. Others will probably be turned off by the uncomfortable humor coming from Nathan Fielder. But they should stick with it. It’s nice to have Nathan For You back.