Review: Aziz Ansari: Buried Alive

  The most flattering photo of Aziz ever.

The most flattering photo of Aziz ever.

“RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNDDDDDDDYYYYYYYY” is not what you should call comedian Aziz Ansari. Nor should you call him Tom Haverford. Or Chet for that matter. Let’s just refer to him as Aziz for a second. He is an energetic, charismatic, and wide eyed little Indian man from South Carolina. His voice is high pitched and immediately recognizable. He loves hip hop to the point where rappers reference him or they hang out. He’s even met Kanye. Kanye. Aziz Ansari is quickly becoming a favorite in Hollywood.

Known for playing Tom in Parks and Recreation, Ansari is goes back to his comedic roots in stand up. He’s had two other specials before and those have been hits. A large majority of his audience found him the same way his latest special is put up: on Netflix. By releasing it this way, Ansari is able to include his entire unedited set along with an encore.

We spend almost 80 minutes with him talking about MTV shows or growing up with his disapproving but still loving father. Like most other comedians with specials (here’s looking at you Birbigs), there is an overarching theme: marriage.

Ansari questions the importance of marriage all the while wanting to experience it. He asks several audience members why they got married so young or do they actually love their significant other. It’s a tough subject to make funny but Ansari makes it work. The show is energetic, fun, and it kind of got to me at points.

Marriage is a big deal to people, apparently, and Aziz is still searching for his “the one.” Aziz did his homework for all of his jokes. They’re meticulously thought out and often work. Favorites include his idea that black men are always surprised by magic tricks (It’s true; we are) and how he and The Roots met President Obama (who happens to act just like the comedian). Ansari is not your typical comedian. He’s not asking to be funny; he just is funny. Watching him on stage is a delight. He’s like a cartoon that was brought to life. Ansari is finding his own niche and we the audience should like it.

Go on, Aziz. Do your thing.

Aziz Ansari: Buried Alive is only available on Netflix. (<---Click to watch! Duh). 

Grade: A or 4 ½ Stars or 13 out of 49 Chickens