“House-Sitting” – Broad City Review


Chad White

Broad City
Season 4, Episode 8

You must swipe “yas.” You can't swipe “nas.”

Broad City has never been about full continuity. There are a ton of smaller aspects about the show that follow a set of rules and allow for repeated referencing. So far though, there haven’t been any significant impacts on continuity besides dating. This week’s episode may hint that this season is taking place in real time, making for a real treat for avid viewers.

Ilana is house sitting for Oliver’s mom from season two’s “Kirk Steele.” Naturally, Abbi joins her so the two can do their laundry in the rich woman’s washer (Lincoln and Hymie independently venture in to do their laundry as well). The house is as lavish as the two hoped with gowns and a bidet marking the highlight of the night. With Abbi back on the dating scene, she decides to check out Bumble only to find her high school English teacher swiping through. They reconnect and she invites him over.

The girls separate themselves with their respective dates. For Ilana, she finds being with Lincoln as an official couple pretty easy. The two fall into a pattern of “rich couple” as they try on elegant clothing and visit the numerous amount of rooms in the house. When Ilana introduces Lincoln as her boyfriend, it takes a lot of effort. Her face contorts into unsureness – odd enough coming from the most confident woman on television. She doesn’t like labels yet she’d later find them enticing. There’s no roundabout way of putting it. Lincoln and Ilana simply work well together. They deserve each other. This is evidenced with their fart competition. Here’s where the show hints at its real-time layers. Lincoln defecates in his pants which in turn causes Ilana to run off. He comments that she did the same thing nary even five weeks ago. He’s referring to episode three of the season “Just The Tips” during which Ilana ran into Lincoln and his then girlfriend at a party and she pooped in her leotard. This means nothing in the long run but it’s nice to have a timeline of the show. In the end, the two decide to test out their relationship for a year. After they, they can reup or dip out. It'll be interesting to see how that plays out next season.

The couple that doesn’t work, however, is Abbi and her teacher, Richard (played by comedian and perfect teacher actor Mike Birbiglia). From minute one, their interaction is discomforting. They can never find a rapport that mirrors Ilana and Lincoln’s. While it’s true they don’t need it this early on, it’d prove best to have some sort of relatability outside of high school memories. Abbi and Richard flirt which inevitably leads to foreplay of the teacher student variety. It works for a scene or two but dies immediately when Abbi finds Richard trying to manually de-age her by pulling back her skin. The motion is creepy and unforgiving and deceptively funny. When Abbi’s face changes from horned up to dismayed, it’s like she’s speaking for the audience.

Hymie gets his own C-story. He recently had some sort of surgery on his penis and now he can’t get an erection without risking breaking the stitches. He desperately moves throughout the house in search of finding something – anything – that won’t give him a boner. It proves difficult because everything from 69-ing statues to the vibrating dryer gets him going.

Should you watch “House-Sitting?”

Broad City hasn’t been a particularly good continuity based show. But it’s proving its worth. “House-Sitting” rewards viewers new and old with solid premises that turn into equally solid jokes. There’s nothing mind blowing here; just more Broad City