“Just the Tips” – Broad City review

Chad White

Broad City
“Just the Tips”
Season 4, Episode 3

A king for two queens, bitch.

Broad City seems like a series that wouldn’t deal with relationship woes. While it’s true at points the show has dabbled in making Abbi want Trey and Ilana dealing with Lincoln’s feelings, the Comedy Central series has largely stayed away from the subject. Season four looks to change that notion. “Just the Tips” challenges what it’s like for the two leads to be dating. The good news is it works.

In a move that Broad City first tried last season, there’s immediate continuity from last week’s episode. Abbi is dating the cute paramedic and Ilana still has her job. Nice little touches on the details will engage the weekly viewer by rewarding their habits. It’s a wonderful idea. The last time the show tried this was the two part season three finale “Getting There” and “Jews on a Plane.” This time around the characters are explored a bit more as is the story.

Abbi tells anyone who’ll listen about her new boyfriend, the cute paramedic. Even while she’s trying to impress her boss and coworkers (all of whom are tired of it), she’ll bring it up. Ilana uses the cash she earns from serving in ridiculous ways like warming Jaime’s cold feet and buying $480 worth of expensive nails. What she does is very fitting (the new leotard is a good addition). But Ilana is forced to come face to face with the one thing she wanted to avoid her entire life: a monogamous relationship.

At a party, Ilana runs into Lincoln who is sporting a new girlfriend. This encounter is at the tail end of an episode long binge wherein Ilana spends thousands of dollars on her one day off. She drinks, does coke, and parties harder than any other character only for her feeling of elation to be dashed by an ex. It hurts her emotionally and physically, forcing her to run to the bathroom after pooping in her leotard. The situation brings out great lines like her plea to Abbi’s voicemail "You owe me a doo doo favor, bitch!" But it’s mostly sad -- her mascara runs, she pulls off her wig, pooping herself – leading viewers to find Ilana did and still harbors feelings for Lincoln. He offers to help her in the bathroom and they, seemingly, are able to close a chapter on their relationship.

Abbi’s relationship ends too as a pep talk to a married woman going through hard times with her husband turns against her. She’s been bragging about her new boyfriend for the entirety of the episode yet she never reveals they’ve only been dating for less than a week until later. The married woman laughs which causes Abbi to have retrospective on the past six days of her dating life. She finds she might have jumped into something too soon simply because Trey said she’s not the relationship type. Still though, Abbi’s storyline presented terrific bits like Bevers getting in bed with her and discussing loud sex. He’s best dealt with in spurts. Finally, Jaime has a storyline about getting his yeast infected penis circumcised that never really pans out.

Should you watch “Just the Tips?”

Another solid episode in the Broad City cannon is in the world. Why wouldn’t you watch? Additionally, the cold open is very good. Learn more about Grammercy Park’s ruthlessness here.