Episode 96 - We'll Give It To Ya, Baby!

Guess who's back? Back in the studio! Chad is back! Tell...no one? Finally returning to the studio, Chad plants his tiny waist on the futon to stumble through a handful of topics. THE LEGO MOVIE: THE SECOND PART didn't do too hot at the box office; FX must do something about its show output in the streaming era; TIVO isn't the ad killer we all thought it was; and female led films took a bite out of the 2018 release slate.

Stay tuned to the end of the show to hear a never-berfore-heard clip from comedian Greg Stone's comedy album, THE AMAZING GREG STONE!

LEGO Movie 2 didn’t perform well

FX needs to confront streaming

DVR’s aren’t ad killers

Films with Female Leads Tick Upwards