Episode 100 - Let's Rethink That

Chad returns to the futon for this: a very special episode of The Constitutionals EPISODE 100! Yes. There are 100 of these things — each worse than the last. But Chad’s trying really hard, he promises. Before he gets to the topics, our host talks about a sudden death in his friend circle. Then he talks about COMEDY CENTRAL’s new YouTube channel; ANNAPURNA PICTURES losing money on every movie it put out in 2018 except for one; the reselling of digital music; SPOTIFY’s big issue with royalty increases and the streamer’s antitrust case in the EU against APPLE.

Comedy Central’s new YouTube channel

Annapurna lost a lot of money in 2018

News Time - A24 does A+ work!

News Time - The OTHER indie studios to watch out for!

Is the resale of digital music coming?

Streamers appeal court judgement over royalties increase

Spotify responds to its position on royalty increase

Spotify’s antitrust case against Apple