Episode 81 - New Netflix No Nos

Chad met Hank Azaria and no one cares! But he loves The Simpsons so he's bragging about it all over the place. Take that, listeners! Plus: he finally watched MANIFEST and THE FIRST. Turns out they're really good. Chad also covers that film pitch he gave. And he covers Hasan Minhaj's PATRIOT ACT, a fantastic news show on Netflix that he hopes will stick around. Finally, working at Netflix may not be the best.

Episode 80 - mid2018s

Chad's had a busy week so he didn't prepare much for this episode. He worked on the set of an indie film; did some background work on a show and pitched a film. You'll never guess which one he forgets to talk about (hint: it's the last one). But he saw MID90'S for free thanks to a24! And he talks about Netflix cancelling Marvel shows even though he doesn't watch them.

Episode 79 - Cleared My Mouth Off Mic

Chad talks about the out of this world casting on CBS's THE NEIGHBORHOOD and HAPPY TOGETHER...and how not funny the shows are. They cover simple multicam sitcom tropes but don't do anything new with it. Classic CBS. In the second half, Chad discusses Warner Media's new streaming service set for late 2019.

Warner Media streaming service

Episode 78 - Simply Conan

CONAN O'BRIEN had his last hour long show last week and Chad will miss it dearly. But he also understands this will free Coco up to do more weird things when he switches to a half hour format in early 2019. Plus, Chad saw A STAR IS BORN. He loved it! And BIG MOUTH returns. He still loves that show! And nothing else happens!