Episode 102 - The Apple Cartel

Podcasting never felt so good. Except for all the sniffles. Chad is stung up by spring allergies but not even a stuffy nose can stop him. Except when it hinders his sleep. Then he's stopped. This week's topics include the TONIGHT SHOW shooting an entire episode with the Samsung Galaxy S10+; YOUTUBE exiting the premium TV game; and a lengthy discussion about APPLE's foray into subscription streaming, news and gaming services. Also, neti pots don't work. I hate them.

Entire episode of Tonight Show shot with Samsung S10

All new Apple services (News+, TV+)

Apple News+ is a bad deal for publishers

YouTube makes up 40% of mobile web traffic

YouTube officially out of streaming

Episode 100 - Let's Rethink That

Chad returns to the futon for this: a very special episode of The Constitutionals EPISODE 100! Yes. There are 100 of these things — each worse than the last. But Chad’s trying really hard, he promises. Before he gets to the topics, our host talks about a sudden death in his friend circle. Then he talks about COMEDY CENTRAL’s new YouTube channel; ANNAPURNA PICTURES losing money on every movie it put out in 2018 except for one; the reselling of digital music; SPOTIFY’s big issue with royalty increases and the streamer’s antitrust case in the EU against APPLE.

Comedy Central’s new YouTube channel

Annapurna lost a lot of money in 2018

News Time - A24 does A+ work!

News Time - The OTHER indie studios to watch out for!

Is the resale of digital music coming?

Streamers appeal court judgement over royalties increase

Spotify responds to its position on royalty increase

Spotify’s antitrust case against Apple

Episode 98 - Periods R Good

As Dr. Dre once rapped, Chad has "been in the lab with a pen and a pad!" Except everything said on this show is completely made up! Not the news parts, those are real. Chad skims over the OSCARS and mostly craps on "Green Book;" DESUS & MERO's new Showtime show (also titled "Desus & Mero" like their Viceland show); high priced APPLE recognizing its high prices; and working as a mom in the broadcast news!

Oscars winners

Apple COO recognizes Apple’s high prices

Being a mom in television news

Baby Reporters

Episode 90 - Thank You For Much

Chad begins 2019 by giving the gift of bonus episode of The Constitutionals (or regular episode if he was able to get the last one out on time. He covers so many topics like MICKEY MOUSE becoming part of the public domain; ROKU's streaming service sounding like APPLE's; and NETFLIX no longer selling subscriptions via iTUNES. Plus way more. Too much more? Yeah, that sounds right. Chad missed doing this show.

Michael Pachter's rant on Disney's streaming service vs Netflix

Matthew Ball's article

Mickey Mouse is now public domain

Roku streaming service to include Showtime, Starz and Epix

Netflix wants viewers to stop the "Bird Box Challenge"

Netflix stops selling subscriptions through iTunes

Episode 76 - Telltale's Tall Tales

Chad talks about his latest podcast venture -- THE APPLICATION -- where he tries to get hired by WABE. It's going decently. Then he covers THE PREDATOR; EGO NWODIM joining SNL; KENAN THOMPSON'S new NBC series and possible SNL exit; APPLE'S unwillingness to have sex or violence in their new shows; and the abrupt closure of video game studio TELLTALE.

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