Episode 122 - I'm An Adult Boy Now

Late and chock full of peanut butter, it's The Constitutionals podcast! This week Chad covers: the new VIACOM/CBS merger and its perceived inability to be as big as Disney/Fox; Disney's broad reach in film and its concern with FOX movies not making billions like theirs; TV deals coming in waves and more!

“Vice News Tonight” moves to Viceland:


ViacomCBS might be too small:


Disney’s streaming catch 22:


Disney sent “Xmen” out to die:


Disney has no faith in Fox movies:


Multiple TV deals are the new norm:


Episode 79 - Cleared My Mouth Off Mic

Chad talks about the out of this world casting on CBS's THE NEIGHBORHOOD and HAPPY TOGETHER...and how not funny the shows are. They cover simple multicam sitcom tropes but don't do anything new with it. Classic CBS. In the second half, Chad discusses Warner Media's new streaming service set for late 2019.

Warner Media streaming service