Episode 125 - Clean Show, Dirty Move

In between watching episodes of Succession, Chad managed to squeeze in one of these hot podcasts. He also managed to play the new BLAIR WITCH game. As well as being scary, it is also very, very buggy. Plus, STEVEN UNIVERSE THE MOVIE is one of the best translations of TV shows to movies (the same goes for DRAGON BALL SUPER: BROLY too). Finally, what happens to a book author's sales when they're added to Oprah or Reese's book clubs? And all the corporation mergers have killed off the middle ground of Hollywood.

Episode 87 - Go Rate Yourself

So much is going on this week so Chad gets right to it. Not even a little foreplay there, bud? That's your favorite part! HULU and AT&T are bringing more ads (???) to their services but not in the traditional way. Speaking of AT&T, they're raising the price of online cable offering DIRECTV NOW. Also, working at NPR as a temp is stressful and “exploitative.” And, again speaking on the previous topic, we're getting a WAIT WAIT DON'T TELL ME show from NBCU! Maybe. It's been tried before.

Plus: Chad finally saw DEATH OF STALIN after renting it twice; the CW's ELSEWORLDS crossover of the Arrowverse shows was exceptional but CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS will be f-ing bonkers; and NAILED IT HOLIDAY is a great addition to the Nailed It franchise.

More commercials for Hulu during "binge breaks"

DirecTV Now price raise

Working at NPR as a temp is stressful

Wait Wait Don't Tell Me TV show at NBCU